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i will collaborate - call or text me at 763-291-4221 -

scott -

'Dedication' Double C.D.

Mademoiselle Independent Project Label.

Album C.D. was finally released July 2011.

BMI performing rights - Bob Berg -

Air Deluxe Music Group - Music Row -Nashville TN -(34 Songs)

Working with a variety trio doing key-bass, keys, & vocals. We do several jazz standards, movie & show-tune standards, country, 50's through 90's and a few beyond.

Events & locations I perform include :

A Doorway while standing up in a place i forgot the name of on Highway 13, in Burnsville Minnesota, where i did karaoke with a friend named Arny Chuckles and got shocked in the mouth while i was holding a microphone in one hand, singing, and putting quarters into a candy machine with the other hand all at the same time,

Performances with Rennes University Big Band & percussionist Jonte Tychman - Rennes, France, Elsa Popping's Dinner Theatre - Rennes, France, Rochester Mayo Clinic, Five Seasons-Cedar Rapids,IA, The Governor's Mansion-Summit Ave.,St. Paul, Jersey's Dance Club - Inver Grove. Hts., MN, River's Edge Supper Club-Somerset, Wisc., Tropicana-Atlantic City, N.J., Northern Attitudes-Princeton,MN, La Tire Bichon-Paris,France (Mon Martre), Rochester Civic Center, St. Cloud Civic Cntr. (Solo Grand Piano Concert Presentations), The Firehouse-Lexington,MN, Marriot Downtown Minneapolis, Indian Creek Tavern-Frederick, Wi., Paisley Park Studios - Chanhassen, MN, MGM-Hibbing,MN, St. Thomas Catholic Church. St. Pl, MN, KARE 11 Morning Show - Minneapolis, Thunderbird Hotel - Jacksonville, Fla., Dunn Bros. Coffee St. Paul-Roseville-Mpls, Gallery on the Mall-Eden Pr.Cntr., Hopkin's House, Gallagher's Dinner Club - West St.Paul, MN, Champs Sports Cntr/Rest.-Ridgedale-Mtka, MN, Montanita's-St.Pl, Chinese Lantern-Duluth, Stampede Steak House-Mall of America., Steak & Ale's-Bloomington,MN, & Syracuse,N.Y., K.I.Sawyer Air Force Base, Mich., Day's Inn- Fort. Pierce, Fla., Tony Roma's Calhoun Square Mpls., Anchorage Inn-Mpls., Kieran's Irish Pub-Mpls., Port Authority-Detroit Lakes, MN., Venue's Ramada-Bloomington, Mankato River Hills Mall, Hillcrest Flowers,Mankato, Harper's Bazarre,Mankato, Ramada-Brooklyn. Cntr., MN, Snax 5th Ave-Eden Pr. Cntr., Brown Derby-St. Paul, Holiday Inn Town Square-St. Paul, Original Papa Joe's-(on Bourbon St.-New Orleans), Marion Ballroom (Hutchinson, MN), Kato Ballroom (Mankato), Pla-mor Ballroom (Glencoe, MN), Bud Chapman's-Eden Prairie, Shakopee Ballroom, Nana's- (on Bourbon Street-New Orleans), St. Catherine's College-St. Pl., 1st Avenue Mpls., Black Bear Casino, Acadia Theater - Mpls., Neison's Supper Club-Arlington-Savage,MN, St. Croix Casino, Firefly Casino, Treasure Island Casino, Hyatt Regency, The Mirage, Blue Fox - Lexington, MN, Thunderbird Motel Bloomington, Airport Hilton-Mpls., Hilton-South. Padre Island, Matador-Oswego,N.Y., Medina Ballroom, Excel Energy Center-St. Paul, Landmark Center-St.Paul, Chart House-Lakeville, Tootsie's Dance Club - Big Lake, MN, Blanche's Cabaret & Townhouse-St. Paul, Riverview Cafe, Webber's-St. Pl, Decoy's - Hopkins, MN, Cedar Cultural Center, Union Depot-St.Paul, MN (Thanks for the natural 3-second heavy delay), Golden Lion-Watertown,N.Y., Excelsior Bay Clubs, Izaty's (Lake Mil Lacs), Numerous Billy-Clubs throughout Texas, New York & Penns., Cornell University-Ithica,N.Y., Torge's Hol. Inns-Wilmar & Fairmont, MN, Holiday Inn-St. Cloud, Hol. Inn-Fargo, K. J.'s - Fridley, MN, Robert's (hwy. 10), Hol. Inn-Detroit Lakes, The Quest-Mpls., Hol. Inn-Farmington, New Mexico, Hol. Inn-Lubbock,TX, Kieran's Irish Supper Club-Mpls., Governor's Mansion - St. Paul, Elsie's-Mpls., Mangini's - St. Paul, MN.Renaissance Festival, Bethlehem Luth. Church-Mankato, MN, St. Paul's Luth. Church-Ringsted, IA, Casey's Manor-St. Paul., Valley Christian Ch.-Apple Valley, MN, Brave New Institute-Uptown, Mpls., Northland Inn Country Club-Duluth, Famous Dave's-Calhoun Square - Minneapolis, Vet's Concert-Mankato,Mn., Burgundy House-Mankato, MN, Border Books-Calhoun Square - Minneapolis, St. Croix Crab House-Stillwater, MN, Minnesota Association of Songwriters, Prairie Star Coffee-St.Paul, Buster's-Mankato, MN, New Bohemian Cafe'-WestbSt. Paul, Bicko's-Edina, MN, Galleria-Edina, MN, The Deusselfink Club,(Penns.), The 'Caves' Convention Rooms - St.Paul., Brewbaker's-N. St. Paul, Edinborough Amphitheater-Edina, MN, Minnesota State Fair 2002, Patrick's Cabaret-Mpls., Stardust-Mpls., Von Mahr's Dept. Store-Cedar Rapids, Wright Co. Fair, McGuire's, Hol. Inn-Duluth, State Capital Grounds 2009 Polenti Campaign Speech, Ginkgo's Coffee - St. Paul, St. Boni Fest-Bloomington-2004, Walker Methodist Church-Mpls., VFW-Bloomington & North St. Paul, The Anodyne Coffee House - Mpls., The Coffee Grounds-Falcon Hts., MN, Bubba's-Sauk Rapids,MN, Drawbridge-Little Falls,MN, Vanelli's-Forest Lake, MN, Hennepin County Medical Center's Inspire Arts Program Pianist - Mpls., St. Croix Music Fest 2003, McBee's Saloon & Eatery, Ogilvie,MN, Marion Cerenity Care Center-Earl Street-St. Paul, The Chatterbox-S.Minneapolis, Detour #19-Loretto/Medina, Betsy's Back Porch-S.Mpls., Black Dog Cafe'-St. Paul, Lula's Coffee-S.Mpls., Lookout Supper Club-Maple Grove, MN,Madden's-Gull Lake,MN, Twin Point Tavern-Lake Elmo,MN, Povlitzki's-Spring Lake Park, MN, 1985 Graduation - Pemberton, MN. . . .

K.I. Sawyer S.A.C. Air Force Base Band N.C.O. Club & Entertainment Center Performances - Northern Michigan.

(these colonels do not like to be saluted-as i was once stationed there)

Some neat people like to interrupt, utter requests, ask for spare change, heckle and toss items onto the stage & ask questions while I'm actually singing and playing. I randomly do hideous imitations, stories & odd disappearing acts between song performance selections.

On solo performances I do a few classical standards, originals, folk, eclectic, acoustic guitar.

Perform for : Community Events, Military Installations, Divorce Celebrations, Pizza Joints, Internet Radio etc., Network T.V., Internet Conventions, Hotels, Motels, S.A.C. Air Force Bases, Coffee Houses, Casinos, Sea-Sick Cruise Lines, Deserted Shipyards, Festivals, Fund Raisers, Rehabilitation Centers, Business Closings, Singles Dances, Civic Centers, Colleges, Universities, Tourist Attraction Events, Business Openings, Rest Homes, Movie Soundtracks, Open Mic Host, Karaoke Host, Wooden Karaoke Band, Parties, Resorts, Studio Sessions, Clubs, Medical Facilities, Churches, Ceremonies, Ballrooms, Even Centers, Bandshells, Amphitheaters, Cultural Events, Hennepin County Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Annual Events, National Horsebreeder's Association Dances, TV Soundtracks etc.

Several icompostions artists, Mac Jammers, booking agents, students, colleagues, instrumental associates, professors, artists, executive producers, producers & associates with whom I have the honor to work & perform include: fasteddie, Arthur Gilbert, Diedrich Weiss, Dickie Lee, Woody Gordon, Jim Calhoun, Bill Hughes, Scott Williamson, John Voit, Stephen Therishe, Robert Devano, Rene & John Chase (Hollywood Images), Al Parsons, GMA, Tradewinds Prod., Ray Walby, Warner Brothers (Dave Winfield, Phil King), Dickie Lee, Sonny Freeman-Star Music, Dave Bersani, Dale Strength, Jimmy Allen, John Deurcup, Gary Van Zeeland, O'Brian Agency, Chris Kalogerson, Arnold St. HiLaire, Jerry Beth, Fred Sandy, Tom Plantenberg, Gary Lumpkin, Hilevi Peterson (Platamoose Prod.), Jonte Tychman, Al Tychman, Bill Hughes, Dave Borsos (Mill City), Tom Sweet, Leslie Capistrant, Mike Zowghi, Brad Hoop M.D., Ralph Nadeau, Rolph Schuerer, Stew Steele, Howard Mock, Olivia Cope (Carolyn Susario), Billy Gadzke, Doug Barton, Jimmy Grimes . . .

Additional ensembles, students, colleagues, instrumental associates, professors, affiliates, duet's, soloists, & performers with whom I am privilaged to play & perform include : Guenevere Jardin', Wild Horses, Autumn, Looker, Dancer, Rave On, Freestyle, Meanstreak, The East Side Pharohs, Tamarind, Spectra, Starlight Express, Gary Lowder & The Ritz, Denny & the Tornadoes, Bourbon Street, Davis Sterling & Midnight Magic, The Mixx, Cocktail Stevie Olson & the Table Rockers, Delle Solberg & City Lights, Manana, Steve Brandt, Miles Malone, Ron Affolter, David Stanoch, Denny Kilmartin Jr., Larry Loftus, Fred Hald, Jimmy Tune, Janet Skidmore, Nan Zosel, Dan Sola, Bobby McDuffy, Don Breedlove, 'Chill Will', Anji Johnson, Tony Wentersdorf, Mike Gabarick, Bennett McLeod, Dale Gelsing, Gary Snow, Doreen Pospisil, Terry Pospisil, Clara Boyum, Cesar Berra, Carl Stephenson, Eric Leeds, Melody Gilbert, Hayley Witthans, Sharon Dessalet, Rochelle Randy Larson, Lenore Barry, Tom (Sticks) Leonard, Kieth Hoime, Carol Sikkema, Joe Carter, Butch Zierath, Phil Prunier, Colleen Raye, Bob Tuttle, Dewey Engel Trio, Lana Rose Turner (Red), Lori Dokken, Dan Lund, Marina Stone, Brian Dynes, Colleen Hilker, Tom Eckoff, Billy O'Donohue, Patrick Fitzgerald, Cal Spooner, Al Bjerke, Albert Otto, Bob Scoggins, J.P. Sullivan, Nicole Wightman, Fred(Fritz) Jack, Rudy Rodriguez, Charles Shelby, Wendy Lee, Sarah Shultz, Mike Fishel, Mark Brooks, P.J. McDonald, Bob Theide, Larry Marquardt, Cesar Juarez, Lynden (Scooder) LaSalle, Mike Gabarick, Dave Rusan, Dick Roby, Daryle Cole, Terry DuBois, Bruce Schaefbauer, Mike Horgan, Tim Donahue, Steve, Ed, Gary, & Ruth Luczyski, Al Rowe, Stewart Olson, Jimmy Tune Band, Brian Peterson, Jim Henkemeyer, Buddy Bercu, John Charles, Dan Elliott (Dan Murphy, Dan Webb) . . .

Sheet Music Scoring & Renditions.

Using Digital performer,

Musictime 2.0,

Mastertracks 5.0,

Creative Media Design Interface / software

Cool Edit Pro 2.0.

1913 Baldwin Hamilton Baby Grand.

1942 Epitome (By Kay) Slide Lap Steel Guitar.

A bent-backwards silver spoon by which to play the steel... because it works better than a spark-plug socket.

Yamaha Grand.

10-nylon-strings charango.

Young Chang 5-footer.

Fender Passport Mixer P.A.

Kustom Profile One P.A.

Ensoniq ZR-76 Keyboard Workstation

Roland RD-300-GX.

Sada Luthier 6-string acoustic dreadnaught.

Stagg Cedar Jumbo Acoustic Six String.

Alvarez Acoustic Dreadnaught 6-string.

80 cent goodwill recorder.

* * *

Arose recently on my music page here : "Take Five" ~ (Jazz piano instrumental) . . . A Dave Brubeck take-off

* * * "Someone To Watch Over Me" ~ jazz standard vocal rendition.

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