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*Session Vocalist and musician*

Just send me a message pitching your vocal and melody or idea.

Please communicate before sending an invite. Thank you

Kompoz has given me a wonderful place to discover my Musical self.

I have been singing since a very young age. I was born and raised in America, but I have been lucky enough to have seen and experienced some really inspiring places around the world.

My Showcase Tracks
MattyB Rocks my world!
Emilliano what a great song idea and Master
MattyB M&M king!
David&Gabro wow this is just soo beautiful.
Love for My Stereo Matt,Gabro,Dan,Stephan! THANK YOU!
Steve Awesome guitar and Music with Tracy H lyrics makes me dream of a day of warm sun at the beach
"Imortal Rose" Featuring Gustavo From belgium on Piano Jesus From Spain On the Violin and a beautiful poem By Tracy
My Buddy Erwan! I sure work great with him :-)
Ed , Mike , Jordi, I run away...
Jordi, Mike lyrics, Mack, Mathieu(Loopoz), Mastered By Nick(Histori4n) Amazing working together.
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Love to My Stereo

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Send me Silence Duet ((Music By Nicola Offidani))and Sung together with Mack

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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For You Mama Lyrics by Darlene Pappalardo with Nicola Guitar

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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For You Mama Lyrics by Darlene Pappalardo

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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This Year Christmas

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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I Should Have Known (Sela Version)

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Good Night

Electric Blues
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BlueTom BlueTom

Good Night

Electric Blues
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BlueTom BlueTom

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