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I'd call myself a serious hobbyist, dabbling in the areas of singing and songwriting and a tiny bit in the song arrangement and engineering arena. I've got an alto/mezzo soprano vocal range. I have some formal training in vocal performance and DAW song arrangement, but I'd say I'm teetering on the brink of being intermediate in the way of knowledge in these areas.

I consider my approach to singing/songwriting in line with the way Sia works her music: gut feel, inspired ideas, appropriate emotion, what sounds good to an outside listener. When I'm working with a vocal-less arrangement, I like to understand what the inspiration was behind the arrangement, really to delve into the artist's emotional state at the time of writing the track. Music is a psychological thing for me, so it helps to have this information. I have no formal training in music theory, so I hope you'll dumb it down for me or pass on some pro knowledge so we're speaking the same language. :)

I only ask that if you become involved in my collaboration that you follow through to the very end. I can assure you that you'll receive the same in return from me. Please also know that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, not to a fault but I listen to a song the way an outsider would listen to it, so objectively I want the song to sound polished and interesting enough that it keeps the listener engaged. I am always 100% willing to take your constructive criticism (no bashing, please) on my own contributions, and am always eager to share and receive knowledge. If my mic sucks, tell me! If I'm off key, tell me! This is the only way we can produce something we're both satisfied with.

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Where The Lion Sleeps

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Where The Lion Sleeps

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ILY Remix

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