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Melbourne Florida   United States of America
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Acoustic based music is my passion, all genres. I?m in my late 50s so the music of the 80s on through today have all influenced me at some point or another.

My passions lie in the acoustic guitar, particularly composing new music. I?m also an experienced gigging bassist for a Honky Tonk band. I learned to love taking an established song and freshening it up with nice bass licks.

Favorite bands include (and influential) Collective Soul, Sister Hazel, Pat McGee Band, Eagles, Keith Urban, Toby Keith,

As for DAWS, I?ve dabbled with Garage Band but didn?t like it. Probably due to my inability to properly use it. Technology isn?t my strongest suit.....

I?m a lifetime Florida resident but a well traveled one, studying of other cultures is fascinating to me. It?s taught me that we?re all the same with the same fears and dreams so let?s rock on!