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I am taking a break from Kompoz. You can reach me at

My Showcase Tracks
Synths from Peter, Nicola on guitar, Raul on drums, Rob on bass. Indian classical vocals (I and Saranya), Arrangement and mix by yours faithfully
A collaboration with some Kompoz artist and arguably the best living bansuri and shehnai player in the world, Pt. Rajendra Prasanna.
Chanting "Satnaam" with 8 musicians at Kompoz!
With the help of Kompoz friends we made this cool arrangement for my niece (Raveena Aurora) who is a singer ...
Happy Friday Kompozers! Check this istrumental out ... thanks to the amazing @SirEdgeingtonBlue this is sounding very cool ...
Dear Kompozers ... Hear Tim Dobson's beautiful melody ... We are looking for more instrumentalists to make this longer and more interesting ... so if you have a few minutes play along. Simple 4 bar progression repeated throughout the piece ...
A mix of traditional Irish folk with traditional Punjabi folk from India. I really enjoyed doing this with Rob Glass the master basist
Bansuri instrumental with Mauro (Guitar) and Dan (Bass)
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Raama Chanting

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Love Despite (Social) Distance

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Waheguru Salahana - Chanting with Strings

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Timeless Mantra - Aad Sach

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The noisy... Peace Mantra

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Kainde Ne Naina (The eyes say)

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One Of Those Things

New Acoustic
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