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Bass guitarist, producer, mixer. I have worked on funk, hip hop, reggae, world, rock, pop, acoustic material over the years. 3 albums of my own out as 7 Wheels, through CD Baby/iTunes/Amazon etc. Have produced and mixed for other people.

I especially love my funk. Having said that, I'm really open to all sorts of music and love to hear new and different stuff.

I play a Yamaha 5 string active bass, a Cort Artisan 4 string bass, a Dean Performer acoustic 4 string bass and a tiny Countryman U Bass, which is great fun and has an amazingly fat sound. I record through a Sansamp Bass Driver. I think you could probably call me a groove player - that suits me fine.

I'm an old hand at using DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) - I've been using MIDI, keyboards etc since the 80s and was a lecturer in Music Technology for a while. I've been using Logic since 1998 on Macs and used its ancestor C-Lab on Atari for 10 years before that. Current setup is a 27" iMac with Logic, lots of plugins, Saffire Pro 14 interface, various external drives, Event monitors.

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