simplechain Brian Bergen

San Diego CA   United States of America
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**Not accepting invitations at this time. Hope to have time and energy to come back soon**

I am a vocalist, and often write my own lyrics.  I am interested in many genres: pop, southern/folk/hard rock, electronica.  Mainly, if a song inspires me to sing I'm up for it.  My go to mic is a MXL V69ME with an upgraded Mullard tube to give an upfront present yet smooth sound.  My preamp has pretty decent specs, and I use a soundbooth when necessary, so I aim to deliver high quality seps.

I do like to have input on mixes, yet I don't mix myself.  I guess I'm a back seat driver of sorts :D.  I've learned I like to hear my voice a certain way in songs, yet I try to be flexible.  I do have some nice tools for vocal processing, and can take care of subtle eq and time/pitch correction for mix ready tracks.  I really enjoy the camraderie of working with others here, and like to focus on just a few projects at a time.  Check out my projects here, and drop me a line if you have a project you think I could help with :)