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Welcome all friends allow me a chance to introduce myself

Sion.e this name I got from other artist,short for Shawn epic

I stared making music at age of 13,with a York dual tape deck and a RadioShack mixer

Putting together all kinds of different mixtape for my family and friends

I listen to all kinds of music love and respect all kinds of music

Years later after killing my moms record collection I got into break dancing

I can remember it like it was yesterday,the start of the hip hop movement

I love poetry so it was on right that I became a rapper,doing school talent shows,party's with my mom,and small events,me and a few friends went to greenbrier mall and made a demo tape,I was amazed to hear my voice sounding so good,I was in love .singing and rapping was my thing,I started working with Sharon showcase,passing out flyers at all her clubs,which also gave me a chance to get on stage sometimes,I even won a few talent shows

Fell in love with a girl a bam all gone like poff

Years later I started dj in again ,and said to myself I want to make the music not just listen,so I bought me a sr16 drum machine,and started from there,few years went by and I had a nice mixing board mic and 4 track Adat.How bout that.Now days I got a bigger and better setup and I'm ready for the world.So here I am. Holla at ya boy

Before I Go

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White Bubbles and Cockroaches(sionepic/digitized mix)

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White Bubbles and Cockroaches(spinoffs enabled)

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Mr. Sneaky

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