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My influences come from all types of music. From Timbaland to ferry corsten. I love creating music from the heart, I produce all types of music so I can't place myself in a "box" like I produce rap or r&b. all of my songs are just and expression of the mood that I was in at the time I created it. I'm here to collaborate with all types of artist and producers in this craft that we all love MUSIC. 

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Heart on the floor

Adult Alternative
1 File, 7yr+10mo ago
spoonz spoonz

My last Breath

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 7yr+10mo ago
spoonz spoonz, CelloCryptCellist


4 Files, 7yr+10mo ago
spoonz spoonz, Mr_Sinister

get down demo draft

Adult Alternative
1 File, 9yr+13mo ago
spoonz spoonz

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5 Files, 12yr+13mo ago
Gunface Gunface
Artwork Staff Pick


American Trad Rock
17 Files, 12yr+7mo ago
jgroh jgroh, Wire-and-Wood

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spoonz endorsed Villa for Guitar-Acoustic, Guitar-Rhythm, Guitar-Lead, Songwriting
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