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Almost all my focus is on our band, "Icarus Machine"

( )

right now, so please bear that in mind when asking me about stuff. :)

N.B.: Before you ask me to mix, does your project use sync tones?

If not, don't ask.


I'm not accepting invites at the moment.

I want to clear up what I have.

If you are one of the folks I always work with, PM me. :)


I play guitar, a little bass and can program keys and drums.

Some folks think I mix stuff well. I'm into that part of it all, so if you don't need the playing, but need mixing, drop me a line.

I am influenced by everything I hear, but specific things I like are Dream Theater, Rush, Yes (v2), Alan Holdsworth, Beethoven, Bach, Stravinsky, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Soilwork, Animals As Leaders.

The list changes all the time as to what I'm currently moved by.

I've been here a while, seen the fun, seen the drama. Bring the former, lose the latter and we'll get on fine.

[ Berklee '87, MP&E, sax & guitar ] 

No, I don't live on Pitcairn. There is a total population of 48 people currently in the Pitcairns. What are the odds I'd have high speed internet there?


7 Elements and friends - Cannot be escaped

30 Files, 12 hours ago
Pstruh69 Pstruh69, sriracha, tbase2000

Falling through cracks

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
14 Files, 31 days ago
peterrand peterrand, njd3, Teek + 2 more

Epic - The River runs Red

11 Files, 1 day ago
JayeshRaikar JayeshRaikar, Nadir, sriracha

Thank You KOMPOZ (FEAT GeorgeSC)

Arena Rock
26 Files, 1mo+28dy ago
MikeJM MikeJM, GeorgeSC, Iblue + 3 more

Chris Teece - Aether

11 Files, 1mo+28dy ago
onedayremains onedayremains, dwfreak, JonGarcia + 1 more

You take me high

Trad Jazz
24 Files, 1mo+27dy ago
EmmaPeel EmmaPeel

Revenge of the greenery

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
7 Files, 1mo+8dy ago
peterrand peterrand, dwfreak, MikeJM + 1 more

For Just One Moment (For Grandpa John) (1927-2018)

Indie Rock
30 Files, 2mo+11dy ago
MikeJM MikeJM, NicolaOffidani, Labodaz + 6 more

Torn Up

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
27 Files, 2mo+12dy ago
sriracha sriracha, aliceminguez, GeorgeSC + 1 more

Never Found

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
33 Files, 1mo+23dy ago
sriracha sriracha, jonzey, GeorgeSC + 2 more

Jam 7-05-2018

Smooth Jazz
11 Files, 2mo+27dy ago
boom boom, Iblue, EmmaPeel + 3 more

What lies beneath

33 Files, 3mo+15dy ago
sriracha sriracha, paranoia, ATLdrums + 1 more

Age of Empire

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
15 Files, 16 days ago
sriracha sriracha, AndreaSpace, RGBass + 1 more

Calamar Rhapsody

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
23 Files, 3mo+13dy ago
srhangover srhangover, sriracha, AndreaSpace

Lift Me Up

24 Files, 4mo+3dy ago
sriracha sriracha, Basil, AndreaSpace + 1 more


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
39 Files, 3mo+24dy ago
sriracha sriracha, rhythmicdevil, AndreaSpace + 2 more

Wreck Defy

63 Files, 1mo+23dy ago
spydah spydah, selfwillrunriot, sriracha + 2 more


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
77 Files, 29 days ago
paranoia paranoia, ATLdrums, MaxFenig + 3 more

Far Too Young

28 Files, 4mo+14dy ago
rhythmicdevil rhythmicdevil, Quotheraven13, KimNobleMusic + 2 more


50 Files, 1mo+24dy ago
sriracha sriracha, selfwillrunriot, spydah + 2 more

Nail Grinder - Out of Life

Death Metal/Black Metal
6 Files, 6mo+9dy ago
Nailgrinder Nailgrinder, sriracha

End of an Era

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
106 Files, 3mo+14dy ago
spydah spydah, sriracha, selfwillrunriot + 2 more


17 Files, 2mo+2dy ago
sriracha sriracha, spydah, Buttercup + 1 more

What lies

31 Files, 6mo+13dy ago
paranoia paranoia, smg179, sriracha + 1 more

Gualdo Project

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
3 Files, 7mo+13dy ago
edujserrano edujserrano, sriracha


16 Files, 5mo+25dy ago
sriracha sriracha, AndreaSpace, Basil

The Streams

47 Files, 4mo+20dy ago
rockindrummer68 rockindrummer68, simplechain, sriracha + 2 more


5 Files, 6mo+6dy ago
sriracha sriracha, Ali7Star

La Souris

27 Files, 6mo+6dy ago
rhythmicdevil rhythmicdevil, Maja, sriracha

Time is an Empty Space

British Invasion
84 Files, 6mo+9dy ago
rhythmicdevil rhythmicdevil, Teek, Maja + 3 more

Hot Sauce in my Eggnog!

32 Files, 8mo+11dy ago
sriracha sriracha, antonklinkt, AndreaSpace

A Dividing of Cells

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
89 Files, 22 days ago
rhythmicdevil rhythmicdevil, sriracha, AndreaSpace + 3 more

Halloween (Metal Song - Needs vocals and guitar solo)

6 Files, 9mo+17dy ago
alexvoorhees alexvoorhees, sriracha

Romeo and Juliet - The Land that harbours my Juliet

16 Files, 2mo+28dy ago
spydah spydah, FranG, sriracha + 1 more


Southern Rock
25 Files, 9 months ago
sriracha sriracha, stnbrgrbass, AndreaSpace + 2 more


Adult Alternative
19 Files, 9mo+28dy ago
BurntWill BurntWill, Jodeenshead, sriracha