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Hobby composer/arranger/mixer.

I try to use every contribution to my song ideas that I get. If that means multiple versions of the same song, that's great! So if you are, say, a singer or a lyricist, and a project already has vocals or lyrics, don't hesitate to add your ideas anyway! There's a good chance that they will be used. :)

As for contributing to other people's projects: Don't hesitate to ask me if you need a mixing guy! That's what I love to do and what I'm best at. PLEASE do not ask me to play on your song though!

I use Cubase for production (composition, arrangement) and mixing and REAPER for mastering. I have other DAWs (Studio One, SONAR, Pro Tools, ...), but I don't use them much.

I love the music of the 70s (disco, singer/songwriter, classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, ...). Not a big fan of modern stuff, but there are, of course, exceptions.

Free falling

17 Files, 15 days ago
JarekA JarekA, FIGSOUNDS, stoman

Turn Out The Lights (working title)

2 Files, 2mo+14dy ago
stoman stoman

100 Degrees

19 Files, 2mo+7dy ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic

What's Your Game

15 Files, 20 days ago
stoman stoman, Adf, Reba1994

We're Not Going Home (working title)

5 Files, 17 days ago
stoman stoman, TheFailedAstronaut

Get Ready (working title)

35 Files, 2mo+8dy ago
stoman stoman, TheFailedAstronaut, ondjpayn

Still Trying (working title)

6 Files, 2mo+5dy ago
stoman stoman, dbcarta

Seemed Like A Good Idea

46 Files, 2mo+4dy ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, alyo + 3 more

It Better Be Good

45 Files, 2mo+19dy ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, evwieringen + 3 more

Submarine life

3 Files, 3mo+2dy ago
beethonin beethonin, stoman

Flying over oceans

3 Files, 3mo+2dy ago
beethonin beethonin, stoman

Living In Sin (Version A) - 2020 Remake

13 Files, 2mo+24dy ago
stoman stoman, AndyGupta, pvd111 + 3 more

Wooden Sam (2020 Remake)

10 Files, 3mo+6dy ago
stoman stoman, Basil, AndyGupta + 2 more

Just For That Broken Mirror

Contemporary Blues
48 Files, 2mo+22dy ago
PJLucidi PJLucidi, rabox2702, Bass41HzAndAbove + 2 more

Night At The Roxy

76 Files, 3mo+25dy ago
BillyLimbo BillyLimbo, KimNobleMusic, stoman + 1 more


36 Files, 3mo+29dy ago
stoman stoman, AndyGupta, napoleonboot + 3 more

Back With You

47 Files, 2mo+19dy ago
stoman stoman, Reba1994, dwfreak + 1 more

Here And Now

58 Files, 3mo+13dy ago
stoman stoman, alyo, Line6Freak + 3 more

Stop It Now (working title)

14 Files, 4mo+22dy ago
stoman stoman

It s a spin of of Stomans Could have been

1 File, 4mo+22dy ago
guidaseag guidaseag, stoman, MikeJM

Run Run Run (Maestro and my dear friend, Nicola Offidani version)

43 Files, 4mo+14dy ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, NicolaOffidani, stoman + 2 more

Getting Through To You - Version 2

64 Files, 4mo+4dy ago
stoman stoman, bassman78fr, KimNobleMusic + 2 more

Lonely All Night

56 Files, 4mo+26dy ago
unaHm unaHm

JUMP IN (poaching RottGold's bass and Marceys' keys from Stoman's Then We'll Know)

Crossover Jazz
66 Files, 4mo+25dy ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, stoman, RottGold + 3 more

By The Time (working title)

15 Files, 5mo+6dy ago
stoman stoman

Back in the Days

Smooth Jazz
46 Files, 4mo+25dy ago
Marceys Marceys, jan88, stoman + 5 more

sunny days stuck inside

62 Files, 3mo+21dy ago
groover1977 groover1977, KimNobleMusic, Line6Freak + 2 more

What's The Reason (running away)

Soft Rock
74 Files, 4 months ago
andrewwilliams1967 andrewwilliams1967, JB2012, stoman

Night At The Roxy (Completed)

75 Files, 4mo+15dy ago
BillyLimbo BillyLimbo, KimNobleMusic, RafalS + 1 more

Getting Through To You - Version 1

73 Files, 4mo+28dy ago
stoman stoman, bassman78fr, KimNobleMusic + 2 more

Once You Go

74 Files, 4 months ago
stoman stoman, seniorpopx, JoeBreuer + 3 more

Then We'll Know

Crossover Jazz
59 Files, 3mo+29dy ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, RottGold + 2 more

By Lake And By Lee

Contemporary Folk
10 Files, 5mo+13dy ago
stoman stoman, DonnaM

Stuck in the Days

Smooth Jazz
45 Files, 3mo+5dy ago
Marceys Marceys, KimNobleMusic, WhiteDrum55 + 4 more

I Blew My Lover A Kiss

30 Files, 5mo+16dy ago
stoman stoman, bassman78fr


28 Files, 2mo+8dy ago
MEWSProject MEWSProject, alyo, stoman