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Just a hobby composer/arranger/mixer here trying to have some fun with like-minded musicians around the world ...

I try to use every contribution to my song ideas that I get. If that means multiple versions of the same song, that's great! So if you are, say, a singer or a lyricist, and a project already has vocals or lyrics, don't hesitate to add your ideas anyway! Most likely they will be used. :)

As for contributing to other people's projects: Don't hesitate to ask me if you need a mixing guy! That's what I love to do and what I'm best at. I removed "Keyboards" from my list of talents because 'm not good (not even mediocre) at it, and I'm definitely NOT a piano player. So do not ask me to play on your song - I won't!

I use Cubase for production (composition, arrangement) and mixing, REAPER for (single-file) mastering and Studio One or Sonar for Melodyne jobs. Every now and then I do a mix in Sonar, Pro Tools, Studio One or REAPER too, but I definitely prefer the Cubase workflow and feature set.

I love the music of the 70s (disco, singer/songwriter, classic rock, progressive rock, ...). Not a big fan of modern stuff, but there are exceptions.

Chains (working title)

2 Files, 1 day ago
stoman stoman

Different Worlds (working title)

9 Files, 2 days ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic

Slipping Away (working title)

1 File, 3 days ago
stoman stoman

Smart Move (working title)

1 File, 3 days ago
stoman stoman

Can't breathe

Hard Rock
46 Files, 1mo+28dy ago
JonGarcia JonGarcia, dwfreak, piszka + 4 more


Adult Contemporary
24 Files, 2mo+21dy ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, xvpusw, KimNobleMusic + 3 more

Let Me Get Next To You stsmusic

42 Files, 3mo+18dy ago
Scottyv Scottyv, BurntWill, JonGarcia + 5 more


68 Files, 1mo+11dy ago
RickyD RickyD, Jodeenshead, stoman + 3 more

I'm Not There Yet

40 Files, 2mo+13dy ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, LooknGlass, KimNobleMusic + 3 more

All Is Good (working title)

14 Files, 2mo+28dy ago
stoman stoman, dave440, alyo


43 Files, 2mo+6dy ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, LooknGlass + 3 more

Consider Christine SPIN OFF

New Age
46 Files, 3mo+27dy ago
dwfreak dwfreak

Johnny's Song - Lyrics by B. K. Williamson (Bryan S.)

7 Files, 3mo+28dy ago
stoman stoman, offthewall, BKWilliamson

Let's Work It Out (Stoman Version)

50 Files, 2mo+10dy ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, Line6Freak + 2 more

Just For Fun (working title) (70s/80s)

1 File, 4mo+15dy ago
stoman stoman

Throughout The Times - V2

67 Files, 2mo+20dy ago
stoman stoman, ShakunetsuO, blaze345 + 2 more

Not So Bad (spin-offs enabled)

23 Files, 3mo+25dy ago
stoman stoman, TooNaked2Nick8, Jodeenshead + 1 more

Blue Eyes (James Tanner Lyrics)

41 Files, 2mo+7dy ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, LooknGlass, pramsay + 4 more


67 Files, 2mo+12dy ago
Graj Graj, CarlaSilvestre, JB2012 + 4 more

Controlled Play

28 Files, 3mo+7dy ago
AndreaSpace AndreaSpace, cobankat, jorgesantos + 2 more

Badoo Love (Lyrics By Op3ncode )

19 Files, 4mo+13dy ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, Op3nCode, roberthhoffman + 1 more

Let Me Get Next To You (SPIN-OFF)

42 Files, 4mo+22dy ago
JB2012 JB2012, BurntWill, JonGarcia + 5 more

Every Thing's Gonna Be Okay

Chicago Blues
41 Files, 8 days ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, LyricHead, KimNobleMusic + 5 more

not 2 funky 4u baby

58 Files, 2mo+5dy ago
jannik jannik, DocDaFunk, GeorgeSC + 6 more

Window Memories (Spin-Off)

Indie Rock
29 Files, 4mo+20dy ago
stoman stoman, offthewall, CrossEyedHenry + 2 more

If It Happens Again (HashtagGirlPower) :)

119 Files, 2mo+21dy ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, Buttercup + 7 more

Next To You (music by Yertle and Gem Gem Gemini)

68 Files, 2mo+23dy ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, Yertle, stoman + 6 more

Summer Rain (instr.)

13 Files, 3mo+24dy ago
stoman stoman, AndyGupta, Nikoli + 1 more

Window Memories

Indie Rock
24 Files, 1mo+20dy ago
ShannonB ShannonB, offthewall, stoman + 3 more

Let Me Get Next To You

38 Files, 3mo+25dy ago
Yertle Yertle, Scottyv, stoman + 4 more

Don'ts Do's and FAQ's

Big Band
39 Files, 5mo+9dy ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, FIGSOUNDS, gabrojazz + 4 more

If I Find Someone Like You

48 Files, 3 days ago
Teek Teek, stoman, Graj + 3 more

This December

63 Files, 5mo+22dy ago
Remii631 Remii631, FIGSOUNDS, stoman + 2 more

(Baby) It's You

38 Files, 2mo+2dy ago
stoman stoman, LockRobster63, bassnino + 1 more

A Good Reason (working title)

2 Files, 6mo+17dy ago
stoman stoman

Train Spotting - Version 2 (Bill's Version)

76 Files, 2 months ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, blaze345 + 1 more