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Poet and lyricist first! Love to write and tell stories. I play keys in an Oldie Rock Band. We play out regularly and I love it! Independent Songwriter/Composer. My music style cannot be captured in a particular genre. I try to be different and unique and totally me, composing what I hear in my head, and doesn't really fit into one box. I may lay down a Salsa drum beat and play Blues to it. The goal is to touch a soul. My music influences are really varied. Down Home Blues is where my soul really lies, but I love Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, New Wave, Hip Hop, Motown and much more. I will list my band website below and you can get a better feel of me if you check out the profile there and listen to some of the cover songs I grew up on that my band recorded. Green River-Heart Full Of Soul-White Room-Get Ready. Anyhow, I hope to make many friends and connections here and collab. I am wide open to provide keys and lyrics. Can't sing a lick though!

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