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Hi everyone! I'm new to the Kompoz community, but extremely excited to be a part of it.

I am influenced by a variety of artists, including new ones that range from Rock to Pop to Punk to R&B and Country. I listen to music from different countries as well for inspiration. 

At the end of the day, I just want to create music that moves people, touches people, challenges people.

I study classical voice (opera and art songs), which you will probably only ever hear when I lay down a final vocal for a song, as I'm not as concerned as I should be when I'm trying to get a melody down so I remember it.

Currently, I use my ipod to record, but I just ordered a real mic and a portable vocal booth, so sound should improve soon...In terms of mixing, editing, producing, I took a class in college and used ProTools, but I've forgotten most of it and only tinker with Audacity now and then. If you have any recommendations, I welcome it! Also trying to learn garage band as it seems cool

I work a full time corporate job, as well as tutor and mentor students, and take voice, piano, and yoga classes. Keeping all this in mind, I try to my best to work on stuff during the week, but my best work will probably crop up over the weekend, even though I work on weekends too. Yes, I admit, I want to do everything!

Lastly, I so look forward to working with YOU!

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