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Hello again, been gone for a while,,, heart surgery, live gigs, life in general. Hoping I can contribute to the site here again now. New comp, same old software, new basses and toys, and an urge to write again. Here's to getting inspired and posting some new worthwhile material.


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Where ya Been?

Adult Alternative
1 File, 8yr+4mo ago
voodoobassist voodoobassist

She's a Mystery

26 Files, 11yr+12mo ago
voodoobassist voodoobassist, KarlKnutson, markmiller + 3 more

Gimme Fonky

Adult Alternative
5 Files, 12yr+3mo ago
voodoobassist voodoobassist, markmiller, RickConner
Artwork Staff Pick

Cruel Shoes Blues

34 Files, 12yr+5mo ago
voodoobassist voodoobassist, RickConner, Lee88 + 4 more

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Crossover Jazz
14 Files, 10yr+12mo ago
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Prog-Rock/Art Rock
16 Files, 11yr+6mo ago
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11 Files, 11yr+6mo ago
RickConner RickConner, voodoobassist, DrumDude + 1 more
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Slouchback Boogie

Jam Bands
7 Files, 11yr+9mo ago
RickConner RickConner, voodoobassist, markmiller

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