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My need for making music is influences nearly every thought I have or anything I do. Since I was a kid I've had this itch which, no matter how much I scratch, never feels relieved. It's not the same as that itch I got from a one night stand in college- a penicillin prescription cleared that right up...

But anywho, I suppose I'm here for the same reason as everyone else. I'd like to make some music. I consider myself a bass player, mostly, but I play just about everything. I love putting together a good beat using any combo of vintage drum machines, homemade samples or software sequencers like EZ Drummer.

I believe the integrity of a song is everything. Whatever tone, melody, riff or whatever goes into it must help the song to represent itself. Each component of any song should make it better. I've found that simplicity and minimalism are usually part of the formula for s great song. I have no desire to show off with complex riffs, lightning-fast solos, or epic 48-track synth arrangements. I just want to create plain ol' songs. Something fun, something serious, catchy, whatever. I respect a song for what it is and do whatever necessary to give the song what it wants, and only what it wants.

I've been falling in love with modular synths lately and have found myself spending hours, up all night, until I can recreate a tone I have in mind.

Let's make some tunes?