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Mid-July 2019 update:


Please PM if you are looking for me, I'm now completely on HIATUS as far as projects, you will not see me posting any tracks for at least a few months or more. I hope to be somewhat up and running and working on some projects again by end of 2019.

Life is what happens when you are making other plans.

Everything has changed for me in my recent relocation in 2nd half of 2018. Home studio re-build (d-Attic) underway, significant progress is being made, moving toward being partially done to be able to setup in one section and work on mixes again.

attic progress:

...this hiatus was not by issues, career, family health name it, I got it...

Needless to say, I just dont have time, nor the setup for collabs right now. But I am eager to get back to it.

In the meantime and also going forward, I run the "alt-music" kompoz group,

and the

"Vocal Recording - Tips and Techniques"

Not accepting any new collab invites sorry. Special thanks to my current collaborators for being patient.

For those visiting for first time here...

Who is Ken Shabby?

(if you have 2 mins to spare...)

I am back into music after multi multi-year breaks. Former lead vocalist for a alt-funk-industrial-rock live band, and I was actually signed to and worked for an NYC indie label but only occasionally want to talk about it.... :)

I lived in the Manhattan and Brooklyn area in total for almost 25 years, early on I saw the crusty edge of the innards of the music biz, been there, done/seen that...

At this point music is a hobby where I want to produce quality work. I never made the kind of music that made millions (except maybe the early 90's there was a chance...however small)

I like songs but what I do has been more on the alternative end than pop. If anything, I enjoy working in the area of genre-blurring most. So I'd like to put the word "alt-" in front of many kompoz categories.

Most of what I have done so far on Kompoz is contribute vocals as a collaborator. I am also a songwriter and arranger. I am beginning to focus on new material as a project originator at this point, but...I plan to finish off all collabs I have started working on though with other project owners, (or if something new thats really great for me comes along.)

I have 2 strong beliefs when it comes to music-making:

- Quality is better than quantity.

- While great works can come together quickly, most don't. Especially if you have a job for a living. And even if you don't :)

I've done a lot already with music in past years, (not necessarily posted here) so if I am joining a project, I would like to have some confidence it will get past the mp3 mix phase, which means I like to see high-quality wav seps are posted, etc.. and also expect to be involved in the final mix. Mixing is an area I am getting more involved in. I like to have everything I work on ultimately get the best mix possible.

Please see a complete list of my influences:

david byrne

mike patton

al jourgensen

trent reznor

peter gabriel

brian eno

adrian belew

bill laswell

adrian sherwood


contact info:

xd238 / d-Attic

P.O. Box 192

Woodstock, NY 12498

My Showcase Tracks
Even though I did not write this, "Blistering Chaos" is the closest I've worked on kompoz to my writing style of the past. Sid had this track lying around here for 5 years before I discovered it, and immediately connected to it. I worked on modifying the lyrics and melody a bit before posting my vocal. I hope to do a remix of this and complete the end section at some point.
"First Year Thief" was orginated by MickeyMojo with a really cool bass line, keys, and arrangement. A whole cast and crew joined on. I couldn't help myself but join this track, but I needed a push from dirtywordholiday to help out with some of the verse lyrics, he also has some asides in the song "do-do-do-do" coming out of the first chorus. I took samples from old (and new) gangster movies. I know where Steve Buscemi lives, seriously I do.... I wonder what he would think of this aside from obvious copyright issues...LOL
"Up and Over" - Brannon's rockin' riffs and sriracha's shredding set up some serious song potential. I finished the song arrangement, wrote the lyrics, performed the vocals, added car noises, broken glass (be careful)...and all-important live cowbell. Vocal mix here is also my signature. If you like to think a bit with your alt-metal/rock, give this one a try. This was the first collab I joined on kompoz, I was honored to be a part of this.
This is still a draft mix, but worth a feature. A harrowing journey of regret and self-loathing over a bad deed...this is the subject of horror and gore movies and kicked off brilliantly by sriracha, industrial-era drums added by Andrea, and the crazy madman lyrics/vocals are yours truly. See you at Lollapalooza 1992.
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