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Thanks for visiting ! I've been here for 2 years +, now have (too) many plates spinning -- several things in the works. In fact, I am a bit overextended for the amount of time I have to work on stuff, and not accepting invites right now.

I am back into music after multi multi-year breaks. Former lead vocalist for a alt-funk-industrial-rock live band, and I was actually briefly signed to an indie label but I don't really want to talk about it.... :)

I like songs but what I do has been more on the alternative end than pop. If anything, I enjoy working in the area of genre-blurring most. So I'd like to put the word "alt-" in front of many Kompoz categories.

Most of what I have done so far on Kompoz is contribute vocals as a collaborator. I am also a songwriter and arranger. I am beginning to (try to) focus on new material as a project originator at this point, but I will be also finishing out commitments I have made. Please be patient, it will be worth it.

I have 2 strong beliefs when it comes to music-making:

- Quality is better than quality.

- While great works can come together quickly, most don't. Especially if you have a job for a living.

I've done a lot already with music in past years, (not necessarily posted here) so if I am joining a project, I would like to have some confidence it will get past the mp3 mix phase, which means I like to see high-quality wav seps are posted, etc.. and also expect to be involved in the final mix. Mixing is an area I am getting more involved in. I like to have everything I work on ultimately get the best mix possible.

Please see my influences:

david byrne

mike patton

trent reznor

peter gabriel

brian eno

adrian belew

bill laswell

My Showcase Tracks
"Up and Over" - Brannon's rockin' riffs and sriracha's shredding set up some serious song potential. I finished the song arrangement, wrote the lyrics, performed the vocals, added car noises, broken glass (be careful)...and all-important live cowbell. Vocal mix here is also my signature. If you like to think a bit with your alt-metal/rock, give this one a try. This was the first collab I joined on kompoz, I was honored to be a part of this.
"First Year Thief" was orginated by MickeyMojo with a really cool bass line, keys, and arrangement. A whole cast and crew joined on. I couldn't help myself but join this track, but I needed a push from dirtywordholiday to help out with some of the verse lyrics, he also has some asides in the song "do-do-do-do" coming out of the first chorus. I took samples from old (and new) gangster movies. I know where Steve Buscemi lives, seriously I do.... I wonder what he would think of this aside from obvious copyright issues...LOL
"Blistering Chaos" is a track originated in 2010 that I discovered after first joining kompoz. I was really impressed with the track. Stunned that no-one finished it off with vocals, I decided to work on it as kind of a "practice" track while I was working on some other things. Taking the original lyrics and vocal melody from Emmett, I expanded the theme a bit, and Sid allowed me to spin it off. Mr. Maunus did an excellent job mastering the mp3 mix, but since Brannon found his seps (after over 5 years) this will get a full remix soon...
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