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April 2021 update


You may see me around occasionally here...I am in and out, trying to keep up with things here when I can :)

Anyone looking for the latest update on me being able to get back to music after the utter pain-inducing failure of some of my orthopedic joints -- which caused me to abandon further construction of d-Attic...look no further than the project here I set up for updates...

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Brief blurb about me:

A music biz veteran, I signed up for kompoz in 2015. My studio stuff had been in boxes in Brooklyn for a while before that, I had several voluntary and involuntary breaks from writing, recording, producing and singing for 20 years prior.

Started my journey as a music artist back in Boston in the 80s, was signed to a now infamous indie label that I later worked for after moving to NYC in 1993. In Boston I also co-wrote material and fronted a live band that was unfortunately too short lived...

I had big plans when moving to upstate NY in 2018 to have more room to work up in the "d-Attic" of this old house after finishing it off...those plans have been somewhat derailed by unexpected issues, especially with my back --- and unfortunately my recent knee issues impact my willingness to go up stairs. There is hope, but its just gonna take some time.

Not accepting invites, as my studio pieces are scattered on a few floors as I attempt to reassemble them in a new space, "d-Attic Redux," which has the amazing distinction of not being an attic at all...

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contact info:

xd238 / d-Attic

P.O. Box 192

Woodstock, NY 12498

My Showcase Tracks
Even though I did not write this, "Blistering Chaos" is the closest I've worked on kompoz to my writing style of the past. Sid had this track lying around here for 5 years before I discovered it, and immediately connected to it. I worked on modifying the lyrics and melody a bit before posting my vocal. I hope to do a remix of this and complete the end section at some point.
"First Year Thief" was orginated by MickeyMojo with a really cool bass line, keys, and arrangement. A whole cast and crew joined on. I couldn't help myself but join this track, but I needed a push from dirtywordholiday to help out with some of the verse lyrics, he also has some asides in the song "do-do-do-do" coming out of the first chorus. I took samples from old (and new) gangster movies. I know where Steve Buscemi lives, seriously I do.... I wonder what he would think of this aside from obvious copyright issues...LOL
This is still a draft mix, but worth a feature. A harrowing journey of regret and self-loathing over a bad deed...this is the subject of horror and gore movies and kicked off brilliantly by sriracha, industrial-era drums added by Andrea, and the crazy madman lyrics/vocals are yours truly. See you at Lollapalooza 1992.
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