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I'm not a songwriter really, or even a lyricist. I'm basically a poor amateur poet trying to squeeze words into music.

I put up a cheap fb page:

I put up a cheap reverbnation page:

Arkansas Line (Lyrics By Tracy Hutchinson)

Honky Tonk
23 Files, 2 days ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, xvpusw, Hines57 + 1 more

I See Souls

Adult Alternative
9 Files, 3 days ago
Airone Airone, xvpusw, aliceminguez

Halloween Special

Adult Contemporary
11 Files, 8 days ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, FIGSOUNDS, JeanToudou + 2 more

Life goes on

4 Files, 2 days ago
Airone Airone, xvpusw

Inside This Cage (Lyrics)

Classic Rock
1 File
Richo Richo

Dark Smoke (Tracy Hutchison lyrics)

Adult Contemporary
3 Files, 1mo+14dy ago
LeRoc LeRoc, xvpusw

Inside this cage (Tracy Hutchison lyrics & Nicola Offidani composition)

14 Files, 2 days ago
Buttercup Buttercup, NicolaOffidani, xvpusw + 3 more

Inside This Cage (Tracy Hutchison lyric)

Alternative Country
18 Files, 1mo+22dy ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, xvpusw, ATLdrums + 2 more

Inside This Cage

Classic Rock
2 Files, 2mo+10dy ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC

Crossing These Bridges

Adult Contemporary
18 Files, 2mo+16dy ago
NajibNJBZX NajibNJBZX, JB2012, Wire-and-Wood + 2 more

Crossing These Bridges (95 BPM) (Soul Funk Spin-Off Version) (Open for Spin-Off)

Adult Contemporary
37 Files, 2mo+7dy ago
NajibNJBZX NajibNJBZX, JB2012, JeanToudou + 3 more

Open Spaces - Spin-Off

6 Files, 3mo+17dy ago
Line6Freak Line6Freak, bcstudios, xvpusw

Open Spaces

25 Files, 22 days ago
Line6Freak Line6Freak, hollieolson, xvpusw

Into Another Day

Adult Contemporary
19 Files, 2mo+13dy ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, xvpusw, Gemini + 1 more

Into Another Day

6 Files, 3mo+16dy ago
stoman stoman, xvpusw, FidlerSongs

Into Another Day by Tracy Hutchison - Kim's Version

30 Files, 2 months ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, xvpusw + 2 more

Help Me!

2 Files, 4mo+14dy ago
Menta111ness Menta111ness, xvpusw

Hiding Behind Lies

Adult Contemporary
11 Files, 3mo+21dy ago
MikeLucas MikeLucas, xvpusw, GeorgeSC

Floydish (Working title)

4 Files, 1mo+2dy ago
Skyvibes Skyvibes, xvpusw, bcm0509

Thirty two days

14 Files, 5mo+25dy ago
Rolf Rolf, Maja, xvpusw

Green Eyes and Cowboy Boots

17 Files, 7mo+7dy ago
joshoneal86 joshoneal86, xvpusw, RickyD + 1 more

It wasn't me!

Rock & Roll
56 Files, 6mo+16dy ago
RickyD RickyD, xvpusw, MustaphaSnooze + 4 more


Adult Contemporary
24 Files, 7mo+18dy ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, xvpusw, KimNobleMusic + 3 more

How Do You Do It ?

7 Files, 8mo+2dy ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, xvpusw, joel_sattlersongs + 1 more

All I Want Is You (Shadows)

Adult Alternative
39 Files, 7mo+27dy ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, xvpusw, Lefty7 + 4 more

Angels come from everywhere (POD FARM komp 1)

24 Files, 7mo+16dy ago
sreggeegg sreggeegg, bassnino, GeorgeSC + 5 more

Singin' my Song

New Acoustic
10 Files, 8mo+11dy ago
Wally099 Wally099, GeorgeSC, xvpusw + 1 more

In Praise of Sleep

New Age
12 Files, 7mo+26dy ago
Rolf Rolf, dave440, Maja + 1 more

Another beautiful memory (He is so good)

54 Files, 7mo+10dy ago
sreggeegg sreggeegg, Bigwagdog, drumdawg + 2 more

Bossa For Her

Latin Jazz
26 Files, 10mo+2dy ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, selaperforms, gabrojazz + 3 more

The Musical Poetry Collaboration

15 Files, 1 year ago
MikeJM MikeJM, AnnJM, offthewall + 6 more

Pretty Mary

Traditional Folk
3 Files, 7mo+22dy ago
sdaddyo sdaddyo, xvpusw


Electric Blues
8 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
Iblue Iblue, ColStier, Gemini + 2 more

The Other Side

33 Files, 8mo+6dy ago
KingLarry KingLarry, xvpusw, RealAl + 2 more