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I'm not a songwriter really, or even a lyricist. I'm basically a poor amateur poet trying to squeeze words into music.

I put up a cheap fb page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Xvpusw-Lyricist/737590832997091

I put up a cheap reverbnation page:


My Showcase Tracks
Girl On Fire!
Chicago Bill, Sweet Sela, and the Memphis Mouse. Pick it up and ROLL!
Relax with Hollie and Kjell!
Sela Rockin it!
Summertime baby!
Mike and Mike! Could It Be Love?
From the Sing Me a Story collection. The Princess and the Lanterns Story By Naidalyn (age 8) with Susan and Kjell
Music Is My Everything
Christine Ling and the gang with some amazing bluegrass! "Sail on to Dawn"
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Fish Ain't Bitin' (Lyrics)

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Baby Don't You Need My Love

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Run Horse Run (Lyrics)

Outlaw Country
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Swamp Beast (Working Title/Lyrics Only)

Delta Blues
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The Winters Cold

Alternative Country
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Lakeside Grooving

Southern Rock
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Darkness Falls

Arena Rock
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Run Horse Run

Adult Alternative
51 Files, 2yr+10mo ago
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