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Upload Word, ChordPro, and Text files

By Raf Fiol   3yr+5mo ago

Songwriters and lyricists have been limited to uploading only PDF document types.  With the latest update to the website, we've included a new uploader, that now adds Microsoft Word, ChordPro, and plain text files as additional options.  The ...

Changes Announced for Release 2.7

By Raf Fiol   3yr+5mo ago

Over the next weekend, we will be releasing version 2.7 of the Kompoz website.  There are many important changes included in this release, along with several bug fixes.  I am pretty excited.  I'll be posting details in subsequent blogs f...

Nashville's Sing Me A Story and Kompoz

By Raf Fiol   3yr+9mo ago

The Sing Me a Story foundation contacted me a couple of weeks back.  I receive a lot of emails from organizations trying to sell their services to Kompoz, but this one was very different.  The email was from Austin Atteberry, the organiz...

Free Photos for Your Kompoz Album Art

By Raf Fiol   4yr+4mo ago

Finding royalty-free artwork to use for your Kompoz collaborations can be time-consuming and challenging. Enter pexels.com. All photos on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means you can copy, modify, distribute and...

Help Wanted Page and Collaboration Settings

By Raf Fiol   4yr+4mo ago

Today we rolled out a new Help Wanted page, which features collaborations filtered by Talents Needed. The new page is the official landing page (default page) accessed from the Collaborations link in the main site toolbar and sidebar.  This means ...

Auditions Are Now Ideas

By Raf Fiol   4yr+9mo ago

As many of you know, we've been polling new and long-time members asking for ideas to improve the experience for new members who visit Kompoz.  A common theme we hear from members as they reflect back on their first few weeks is intimidation. &nbs...

Talk To A New Member

By G Cat   4yr+10mo ago

As you have all experienced, your first day at Kompoz can be a bit overwhelming.  New visitors are faced with many questions: Who owns each songs?  Can I just upload to any song I choose?  How do I download tracks?  What DAWs can I ...

Ads on Kompoz: An experiment with community payback

By Raf Fiol   4yr+10mo ago

For the next three months, Kompoz will run ads on an experimental basis on a few pages of the site.  Don't panic!  The objective of this experiment is to use the revenue to fund Kompoz initiatives like site improvements, contests and other me...

New Workspace Notification Filters

By Raf Fiol   4yr+10mo ago

We've just added a few filter options to your Notifications. This appears on your My Workspace page, under the Notifications tab.  Previously, all notifications were displayed as one long list, and they still are if you select the ALL filter optio...

Episode 24 of the Occasional, but always entertaining Kompoz.com Podcast

By Steven Gardner   4yr+11mo ago

sanger puts the Spotlight on a Kompoz artist - in this episode, the spotlight is on a Kompoz.com songbird. One of our best singers. Let me re-phrase that, one of the best singers on the planet and we're just happy to have the opportunity to enjoy this ...

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