By Nicola Offidani
5mo+11dy ago

Umhhh.... I have 3 good bass audition and is too much, Song can have just one but wait.... May be I will have also more that one vocal so will generate multiple version and in this case I can use more that one bass :)

Stay connected. lol


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GalHornstein   commented 5mo+11dy ago


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p-bass-player   commented 5mo+11dy ago

More can be a good thing... LOL I tried to do something in a different direction... something smooth and mellow... more laid back. That's why I choose not to use the drum back backed mix.

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bassman78fr   commented 3mo+19dy ago

Speaking of bass, I noticed, listening to Javier?s latest mix, that I wasn?t really into Nick?s drums. So I propose to redo a better synchronized shot.

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