By Avi Rosenfeld
6yr+12mo ago


Queen of the road
Queen of the seas and the land
She'll take the crown 
She is the queen of the dammed
Eyes to the east to the new lands right there!
don't you try to run there's-no-chance she'll get you Beware!
Over the rainbow the good and the evil are gone
Wolfs at the gates of the castle, the fighting is done
Wait! don't let go - summer gonna turn you to stone - she is crying
you'll never know -  never gonna stop all alone - battle's rain
Save them all! Save them all! Save them all! You gotta save them
Save them all! Save them all! Save them all! no other way
Queen of the road
Riding the moon and the land
conquer the world 
Two handed sword in her hands
She is the savior the angel the saint
don't look back, the world is in flames, now get it on and clear out your way
See all your men face the night and the day, they are fighting
fields full of heroes that stand side by side to the end
No! Don't let go! - never gonna turn back they know - she is watching
Shell Shock they fall! - sorrow in the black night they'go down in flames


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