New Full Extended Dry Tracks


By Joseph Marks
6yr+5mo ago

J6 and I have cleaned all the seps and a lot of the mixes out of the project.. I am at the process of uploading all the full extended version seps in their final form dry, at 24/44.1 .WAV format in order for RAB to go ahead and pull them in and begin that magic that only he can do. All the seps that are listed, should be everything. There should be no need to figure out which is which.. if there is any doubt for some reason.. that I forgot one.. they all end with something like "FullExtendedV".. There should be a sync tone in every sep as well.. This should be the home stretch.. :).. Excited and very proud to work with such fine talent on this



Scrap that .. I goofed and forgot to move the workspace handle all the way to the left when i did the mixdown for the seps.. so, unfortunately, there are no sync tones in the uploaded files.. argh.. either way.. they should all line up as they are


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