Hello there! What exactly do you need?


By Marcelo SZ
4yr+11mo ago

Any specific instrument you need most?


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crazymadhouse   commented 4yr+11mo ago

Hi, I'm happy for you to replace any instruments but I think the guitars definitely need to be 'live'. I have someone who has offered to replace the keyboards, but I notice you also play bass and drums, and I'd be happy for you to do those too!


marcelosz   commented 4yr+11mo ago

Uhmmm... so you want to replace / record the instruments all over again, right? Now I see... Well, yes, I'll see what I can come with. Guitars first, for sure. Ok?


marcelosz   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Hello?? :-)


crazymadhouse   commented 4yr+10mo ago

hi marcelosz, hows it going?

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