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By Raf Fiol
4yr+7mo ago

Songwriters and lyricists have been limited to uploading only PDF document types.  With the latest update to the website, we've included a new uploader, that now adds Microsoft Word, ChordPro, and plain text files as additional options.  The new uploader is in Beta mode as of release 2.7.04 (which went live on June 22nd).  You can try it out by clicking the upload button on the collaboration page, then choosing the "New Upload (Beta)" link.

Upload Button 

You'll notice that the uploader is quite different.  Once you select the type of file you want to upload, you can then just drag-and-drop the files onto the uploader page.  The uploader itself is faster, and will start pre-uploading as soon as you select (or drop) a file, before you even click the upload button.  Once the files are uploaded, it will present a page where you can enter the file description, type, and instrument (or other) type.  This second step is required, but you can do it later, after all your files are uploaded.  We'll keep track of which files still need the metadata, and show them to you the next time you upload.  


You're probably already familiar with Microsoft Word and Text files.  But you might not have heard of a ChordPro file.  A ChordPro file is a plain text file that has lyrics, chords, and tabs included with special characters for formatting.  They are convenient for creating simple chord charts for songs.  Here's an example:

Swing [D]low, sweet [G]chari[D]ot

Notice the chords D, G, D embedded within the lyrics. Kompoz will render that as:

  D G D
Sing  low, sweet   chari ot

 You can read more about the ChordPro format on www.chordpro.org.


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MikeJM   commented 4yr+7mo ago

Thanks from all us lyricists here Raf! It may just be an extra step to convert DOC to PDF but when you're a high volume uploader it gets to be an obstacle lol. Keep on making the site great :)


xvpusw   commented 4yr+7mo ago

You lyricists got it made...

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phraser   commented 4yr+7mo ago

Looks good Raf:)

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raf   commented 4yr+7mo ago

By the way, here's an example of ChordPro file: http://https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/672584/file/677358


ZzEeAaLl   commented 4yr+7mo ago

Good move for us word guys. Thanks

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enabler   commented 4yr+7mo ago

Is it just me that sees a blank box where the lyrics should be? Claims to be a PDF but nothing there. Happened on all of the collabs I have been working on

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ipft   commented 4yr+6mo ago

Raf - I think there's an issue with uploading new versions of ChordPro files. I went to http://https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/671421/upload-doc?collaborationFileId=684278 to upload some amended lyrics and I can't select *.cho files to upload. Not a major issue as I can still upload via then main green button, but might mean multiple copies of the same thing. Also, would it be possible to enable "*.ps" files as I've been using chordii to generate the cho file and it can output the actual chords at the end of the file which would be great with non-std chords for us lazy guitar players ;-)


DebWattes   commented 4yr+1mo ago

This is awesome, I'm assuming I can download midi so I can upload straight into my DAW?


a93b   commented 3yr+7mo ago

how do i subscribe to your blog?


MikeJM   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Not sure if this blog is being read and updated, but I found an issue anyways (leave it to me lol)... It seems you can upload the new file types for the first version of the file, but when you try to upload a new version of the same file you can only do PDF instead of Word. Not a big hassle . . . it gets my lazy self to do an extra step. Yada yada. lol Just wanted to let management know that . . . even though it's a minor thing. XD


florahwilliams   commented 11mo+10dy ago

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