Flute Addition?


By John Rogers
11mo+23dy ago

Since this project was sparked (at least partially) by a Synchronicity, I will share today's synchronicity...

I was thinking about what sort of track I should add to the project and I received this month's "flute cast" news letter from one of the communities that I belong too...


Of course, since you already provided the percussion track, I can keep both hands on my flute... (or I could add a flute and djembe track... or two tracks a flute track and a separate djembe track...)



Small side-question: Not that it completely matters... but I was wondering... is your track one recording? or is it a shorter recording that you have looped?


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stmyatt   commented 11mo+23dy ago

I'm open for anything at all. We don't even have to use this cajon track. I rather liked the sound of the djembe/flute combo in the video you shared (and now, of course, I want a Native American flute too!) I have a djembe as well, which I used for percussion on my first digital recording "Children of the World". I guess what I'd say is upload whatever you want to the project, and if you have a better percussion idea to set the rhythm to, go for it! This track is merely a starting point. If it works great, if not, no harm no foul. And to answer you side question, I took a small section of the track I recorded and looped it as accurately as I could by ear. I do think that from this point on I will probably just record one straight recording, as it took me far longer to perfect the loop as it would have to just do it straight out. I hope to do some messing around with it today, probably won't record anything yet, but who knows?


harperjohn   commented 11mo+23dy ago

Great!!! Lets keep the project completely open for anything! use all the tracks, keeps some, change some, ignore some... sounds good to me! I would love for the project to (finally) help us create a simple and sustainable workflow. You mentioned that "organizing and finding files" are your nemesis.... I agree. As I mentioned in my most recent private message to you... the generality of Kompoz is a blessing and a curse. Lets just develop a workflow that works best for us. Me and you... Once we get that down... we can work on generalizing it for others. This is in line with your "baby steps" thought. Yes... I also liked the flute and djembe video that I sent you. Yes... I think some of it has to do with the actual sounds of the instruments, but I have to believe that some of it was the utter simplicity of it... Clint sat down, put some masking tape on his flute, sat in front of a camera, pressed record and played. And then posted it on youtube. (of course, I am probably over simplifying it... I am sure that he has tuned and refined his recording setup, and he probably edits his videos, etc, but not "sync tones, click tracks, seps, etc...) Obviously syncs and seps are powerful, if not necessary for maximum DAW usage.... but maybe some simple combined recordings for "ideas" could be helpful too... and then worry about seps, effects, etc for later/final takes. This is just one example of "letting go" and "letting anything go" and thinking out of the "kompoz" box. A while back, my friend was in town from Florida (I live in Massachusetts) and we had not seen each other for a few years. We sat down to play, I pulled out my little zoom portable recorder and "hit record"... https://soundcloud.com/john-rogers-1/01-blues-jam-1 https://soundcloud.com/john-rogers-1/03-steamroller-with-grant-on-djembe and there are a few more up there... but the point is that I want to recreate that comfort/simplicity/spontaneity/etc as much as possible here.


harperjohn   commented 11mo+20dy ago

I just uploaded a simple/brief flute recording. I used the built in mic on my zoom r16. This is my quickest/dirtiest way of making a recording, so I wanted to do a quick "sound check" if I could use that for initial ideas/takes. Also, I want to get in the habit of recording and posting. I was kinda busy today, but I did not want the day to end without posting something.

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