By gabriela barreto
11mo+9dy ago

Hi guys! First of all I am sooo sorry I didn´t give too much attention to this song and wasn´t very active in the last year.

But I really would like to revive this, since its one of my favourite lyrics that I wrote.

I promise to give more time and more affetion to it if anyone wants to work on it.

aliceminguez did a great job with the vocals and the piano. 

Any thoughts?



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aliceminguez   commented 11mo+8dy ago

I'm open to doing more with it :)


GBcompany   commented 11mo+8dy ago

Great! So i´ll try to rewrite the lyrics (improve it, correct any mistakes, etc...) and i´ll take down in the wanted list the "guitar", really liked the idea with just your voice and the piano. Should be up by the end of the week. Sorry i´m still not very good at the "song production" part, but Ill do my best. My thing are with the lyrics rsrs Any suggestions?


GBcompany   commented 10mo+26dy ago

Hey! So I just uploaded a new version(songwriting) of the sonh. Take a look and let me know what you think. I've changed a few things.

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