Announcing Kompoz Studio


By Raf Fiol
1yr+2mo ago

Because Your Music is Worth it.

Kompoz Studio ( is a service designed specially for musicians who want more control over their projects. The primary purpose of the new website is to address two things:

  1. It is sometimes difficult to attract musicians to a collaboration. It is extremely difficult to attract vocalists and drummers.
  2. Owning the exclusive rights to a song is important to many artists.

To address these two issues, Kompoz Studio introduces the concept of payment for service.

How it Works

Kompoz Studio differs from in that it allows you to launch a for-hire gig. A "gig" is a request for work with an associated cash payout and a due date. Create a gig to tell musicians what you want (lyrics, a guitar solo, saxophone, or any other track) and how much you're willing to pay. Musicians will upload their ideas. At the end of the gig, the gig owner selects one uploaded idea and awards the payout to the musician who uploaded it. Kompoz Studio will manage the Asset Transfer Agreements so that you own the rights to the work.

Similar Sites

How is this different from Fiverr, AirGigs, and other similar services?  The primary difference is that with those services, the sellers post gigs and set the prices. On Kompoz Studio, the buyers post the gigs and set the prices.

On those other sites, if for example you need a keyboard player, it's up to you to search the site, find the right keyboard player for the right price, and hope s/he produces a track you like.  But on Kompoz Studio, you post a gig, set the price you're willing to pay, and collect multiple tracks and ideas from many musicians.  Kompoz Studio builds on the collaborative crowdsourced model of, and adds a payout to the winning submission.

We're Giving Away $1,000!

For a limited time, Kompoz will match your money when you start a new gig on Kompoz Studio!  This is a first-come, first-served program. Create a gig now and Kompoz Premium members will receive a 100% match on their first three gigs. Kompoz Pro members will receive a 60% match on their first three gigs. Kompoz Plus members will receive a 40% match on their first three gigs. The matching program will end when the $1,000 is gone.  

Your Kompoz user name and password is all you need to get started.  Jump over to and checkout some of the gigs already in progress, or create your own gig now.  Checkout the helpful inks below for more information.



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Adamplayz   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Wow, this is a pretty exciting addition to this already great platform! I guess it will encourage people to collaborate actively, instead of asking for help when in the need. I also will have to be more active to pre-finance the collaborations of my future songs. This is generating an interesting demand-supply situation, as well as bringing in new favors of motivation. A good opportunity to say thank for Kompoz :)

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liljoe6string   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Great introduction, look forward to seeing the site in action. Thank you for your work merging music creation and the net together thru these platforms.

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promusicmedia   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Awesome raf! Great setup.

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Cardell   commented 1yr+1mo ago

This looks great!

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CoryFrey   commented 1yr+1mo ago

Tryin er on for size, Raf. The site performed ok except for my first upload attempt. It hung right at the end. I refreshed page tried again. No probs. File went in.


LindsayAO   commented 1 year ago

Love this concept, heading over to check it out right now :)

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raf   commented 8mo+14dy ago

Note: Kompoz Studio will be shut down June 1st, 2020.

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pabloikn   commented 5mo+3dy ago

When will Kompoz Studio start operating?


ConstantineDydzinski   commented 2mo+20dy ago

What was the problem? No demand?


seiscuerdas   commented 29 days ago

great initiative.

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Announcing Kompoz Studio

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