Nashville's Sing Me A Story and Kompoz


By Raf Fiol
5 years ago

The Sing Me a Story foundation contacted me a couple of weeks back.  I receive a lot of emails from organizations trying to sell their services to Kompoz, but this one was very different.  The email was from Austin Atteberry, the organization's founder, who got right to the point.  

"The premise behind our program is that we give children in hospitals, children's homes, and hospice organizations throughout the world the chance to write and illustrate stories about anything they want. We then distribute those stories to songwriters who turn them into songs, record them and send them back to the kids and their families."

What a fantastic idea.  I immediately replied to Austin.  He went on to say:

"Our songwriters have often asked how they might be able to collaborate with each other to create songs for kids in need.  We have been trying to implement a collaboration component to our program and I just came across your site."

After a few emails back-and-forth, I suggested the following.  I told him that I would create a Kompoz Group for Sing Me A Story.  I would also post a blog and a community post to our members, encouraging everyone to get involved.  Austin would do the same to his community of songwriters, encouraging them to use Kompoz to collaborate on songs for the kids.

There are currently hundreds of stories written by children hoping for a song. I know our great community can help to both write amazing music, and to welcome new SMAS musicians to the world of online collaboration.  Please consider joining the group.  Membership is public and all are welcomed.  Pick a story and start a collaboration.  Invite your friends and favorite collaborators to help put a smile on a child's face.


Listen to the NPR Interview


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liljoe6string   commented 5 years ago

great idea! however, their website is kiking out some security warnings as their internet certifcate is unclean... you might contact them to address this.. it may keep some from getting in.. if the site carries risky hosting.


xvpusw   commented 5 years ago

Yeah I got that warning on my tablet thingy.


Brannon   commented 5 years ago

If all goes as planned, the monthly challenge will be all about this next month. I'm not the sole decider so I can't promise it. I have no security warning with Chrome.


Bill58   commented 5 years ago

Thanks Raf for teaming up with this group and bringing it to us. I know you will be proud of your Kompoz team.

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VocalRun   commented 5 years ago

I would do Anything for a little kid. Update...I must say, though, I could go around suggesting structural changes to enhance vox arr, bc stuff like this, matters. Is Sing Me A Story affiliated with Gilda's Club? I love her.

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yannkifer   commented 5 years ago

If my modest abilities, can make the smile has a children, I am with you with great pleasure. Thank you


TimmySanger   commented 5 years ago

count me in if you need someone to mix

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MikeJM   commented 5 years ago

We'll all keep you in mind :)


keith2012   commented 4yr+12mo ago

I'm in.

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MikeJM   commented 4yr+12mo ago

Awesome!!! Me and the others have a few lyrics up already if you're interested . . . or we can start with your music if you'd like instead :)


jaaman   commented 4yr+12mo ago

This is the coolest thing you've done yet Raf. Love it!!!


mauro   commented 4yr+11mo ago

I hope to understand the topic of this group ...english is not my best talent :-) but it should be great if the little that I understood is enought!! I would be part of this, if is possible


xvpusw   commented 4yr+11mo ago



florahwilliams   commented 1 year ago

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