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Collaborations that need Guitar

Soundscape of my Heart

25 Files, 20 hours ago
peterrand peterrand, IrrationalSon, MikeJM + 1 more


Drinking Songs
1 File, 9 days ago
PeatonPulse PeatonPulse

Behind those walls (Halloween song)

5 Files, 5 days ago
SimonW SimonW, BrotherRat


26 Files, 3 days ago
Ali7Star Ali7Star, MikeLucas, JonGarcia + 1 more

It's All Wrong

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
29 Files, 2 days ago
roberthhoffman roberthhoffman, gabrojazz, DexLoga

His Blood (covers)

Soft Rock
3 Files, 3 months ago
drumdawg drumdawg, liljoe6string

Collaborations that need Bass

Song (73) looking for lyrics, vocals and a drum replacement

Adult Contemporary
5 Files, 26 days ago
Lift Lift, silverhealer

Song (XXXXXXXI) looking for lyrics, vocals and a R&B replacement

15 Files, 1mo+3dy ago
Lift Lift, RealAl

I Am Me (Lyric)

Hard Rock
1 File, 4 days ago
LooknGlass LooknGlass

Polpo T (feat. Samael97)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
14 Files, 2 days ago
AndreaSpace AndreaSpace, claudiom, Samael97

On My Mind

New Acoustic
5 Files, 3yr+6mo ago
Abstract Abstract, kenzoK, guiltcombo

Song (XXXIII) looking for vocals (and bass and drums replacement)

5 Files, 6mo+4dy ago
Lift Lift, seniorpopx

Collaborations that need Drums


Adult Contemporary
1 File, 2yr+1mo ago
bloomooroom bloomooroom, KimNobleMusic

Song (XXXXXIII) looking for lyrics & vocals (+ bass replacement)

11 Files, 1mo+25dy ago
Lift Lift, bnovak

Song (XXXXXII) looking for lyrics and vocals

10 Files, 5mo+16dy ago
Lift Lift, dwfreak

Who's Rockin' The South written by Scotty V

Southern Rock
28 Files, 3 hours ago
Scottyv Scottyv, JeanLBass, DocDaFunk + 3 more

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Death Metal/Black Metal
1 File, 3 days ago
joel_sattlersongs joel_sattlersongs

Easter Morning (Parts I-V) - An Epic

Christian Rock
1 File, 6mo+7dy ago
MikeJM MikeJM

Collaborations that need Keyboards

VENUS IT WAS YOU lyrics by Joel Sattler

12 Files, 4 days ago
Lawman Lawman, hollieolson, joel_sattlersongs + 2 more

Who Put The Angry In Your Eyes

No files uploaded yet
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

Linger Longer Lounge

Country Blues
1 File, 9 days ago
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

No Deposit No Return

Country Blues
1 File, 3mo+2dy ago
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

Soundscape of my Heart

25 Files, 20 hours ago
peterrand peterrand, IrrationalSon, MikeJM + 1 more

Unknown Grotto

Latin Jazz
5 Files, 5mo+24dy ago
davidw davidw