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Collaborations that need Guitar


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
1 File, 8 days ago
mrandrewbrown mrandrewbrown

Candy Canes and Snowflakes lyrics by Roger P, music by Hollie O.

Crossover Jazz
4 Files, 3 hours ago
hollieolson hollieolson, Lyricman

Dancing at the Edge

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
7 Files, 5 days ago
peterrand peterrand, njd3


2 Files, 24 days ago
Roi252 Roi252

Love, Marry, Bury (Lyrics only. Need everything)

Classic Rock
3 Files, 8 days ago
GalHornstein GalHornstein

I'm an American

Adult Alternative
25 Files, 3 days ago
Graj Graj, RealAl, Treid + 1 more

Collaborations that need Bass

Madness (9-21-20)

American Trad Rock
16 Files, 1 hour ago
Lawman Lawman, bassman78fr, JCree8 + 1 more


8 Files, 4 days ago
GoHollow GoHollow, moehoward

Say What I Feel

New Wave
11 Files, 8 days ago
ipft ipft, Treid

Every Once In A While (lyrics by Mitchel MIller)

Traditional Country
1 File, 8 days ago
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

Mary Jane

Classic Rock
6 Files, 2 days ago
GalHornstein GalHornstein, davkoeh77, peterrand

Party at Area 51 (Lyrics only. Need everything)

1 File, 8 days ago
GalHornstein GalHornstein

Collaborations that need Drums

Just Road and Love

Adult Alternative
4 Files, 9yr+7mo ago
LeHgtr LeHgtr


2 Files, 9 days ago
peterrand peterrand, OriSharon

Nice Day

2 Files, 10 days ago
seanybaby seanybaby

Say What I Feel (Diecky spin)

Indie Rock
16 Files, 5 days ago
ipft ipft, Diecky

The Election Infection

Death Metal/Black Metal
14 Files, 14 days ago
AlexanderK AlexanderK, Mustaine15243, Furiosity + 3 more


2 Files, 24 days ago
Roi252 Roi252

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Moon Reflections

19 Files, 3 days ago
rabox2702 rabox2702, Treid, RGBass + 3 more

Forever and a Day

1 File, 14 days ago
GoofyFred3 GoofyFred3


2 Files, 4mo+29dy ago
PaulM44 PaulM44

Christmas Tree Amateurs Three (Poem in Dashboard)

No files uploaded yet
Jodeenshead Jodeenshead


Soft Rock
15 Files, 2 days ago
stephaneclaes stephaneclaes, LindenCircle, Graiouf + 1 more

On the Edge of My Bed

Teen Pop
2 Files, 13 days ago
PeacefulDiaries PeacefulDiaries