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Collaborations that need Guitar


6 Files, 4 days ago
JustVera JustVera

Forget them

5 Files, 13 days ago
Ali7Star Ali7Star

K23 from Kayedra (English Version)

10 Files, 12 hours ago
Op3nCode Op3nCode, Lefty7, sebzzz

Better Late Than Never

Contemporary R&B
No files uploaded yet
Chrisobi Chrisobi

I HELD A LITTLE BIRD song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Contemporary Folk
1 File, 1 day ago
joel_sattlersongs joel_sattlersongs

Is this real (A Paul Wakefield song tribute). Hlatter spinoff

16 Files, 12 days ago
Buttercup Buttercup, EmptyGlass, Hlatter + 1 more

Collaborations that need Bass

Lost In Outer Space

1 File, 8 days ago
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

No Deposit No Return

Country Blues
1 File, 4 months ago
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

Nothing's Better Than No More

1 File, 3mo+27dy ago
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

Theres no way

Adult Contemporary
5 Files, 3 days ago
andrewwilliams1967 andrewwilliams1967

Collaborations that need Drums

Just Reflections

Traditional Country
1 File, 5mo+16dy ago
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

Song (86, nearly synth only) any thoughts?

3 Files, 2 days ago
Lift Lift


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
4 Files, 2 hours ago
peterrand peterrand

The Next Round (Linger Longer Lounge)

Honky Tonk
13 Files, 1 day ago
RickyD RickyD, mtchlmllr, Mudflappus

I'll take you there (81,slow) looking Vocals and a R&B replacement

Soft Rock
4 Files, 8 days ago
Lift Lift, JayeshRaikar

Collaborations that need Keyboards

We're the Rainbow

17 Files, 1 day ago
Al1verJ Al1verJ, drycamplaptop, antonklinkt

Fheshkil Tw2

Indie Rock
3 Files, 11mo+7dy ago
JoDyAnnRe JoDyAnnRe

If i could

8 Files, 1mo+12dy ago
Ali7Star Ali7Star

The One He Loves

No files uploaded yet
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr

second try

1 File, 14 days ago
marcbof marcbof

The Only Heart He Ever Broke (Lyrics by Mitchel Miller)

No files uploaded yet
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr