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Collaborations that need Guitar

Faded love

Traditional Country
6 Files, 22 hours ago
LeticiaMonge LeticiaMonge, AnthonyW

What Comes After

College Rock
12 Files, 1 day ago
Aces38 Aces38, ATLdrums


7 Files, 1 day ago
dmeisegeier dmeisegeier, bcstudios

On second thought

Classic Rock
1 File, 3 days ago
EdsonCastro EdsonCastro

BE COOL lyrics

1 File, 15 days ago
joel_sattlersongs joel_sattlersongs

Drum Groove No 25

Indie Rock
1 File, 3 days ago
Nikoli Nikoli

Collaborations that need Bass

Drum Groove No 25

Indie Rock
1 File, 3 days ago
Nikoli Nikoli

The Death Meredith

19 Files, 11mo+2dy ago
beethonin beethonin, LooknGlass

Piss and blood

7 Files, 8mo+3dy ago
B4dRandle B4dRandle, Void


British Invasion
4 Files, 3 days ago
peterrand peterrand

Circling Again

Indie Rock
14 Files, 8 hours ago
GeoffR GeoffR, bassman78fr, cmonta + 1 more

Grave Robber

2 Files, 4 days ago
insanereality insanereality

Collaborations that need Drums

Curse The Sunrise

8 Files, 10 hours ago
leightwing leightwing, JimBass01

Lighthouse Fury

24 Files, 3 days ago
fritte01 fritte01, saeboprod, Shadow63

Hey new here anyone have singing, rapping or mixing abilities?

Alternative Rap
No files uploaded yet
Twoshoes23 Twoshoes23

see what happens

Hard Rock
3 Files, 9 days ago
rockonkidd rockonkidd

3655 Days and counting

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
7 Files, 7 days ago
peterrand peterrand

Fade to Black cover

1 File, 4 days ago
insanereality insanereality

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Empty Vessel

15 Files, 17 days ago
peterrand peterrand, Chris1970, bassman78fr

Cold Wave

1 File, 19 days ago
MinusBeatniks MinusBeatniks

Dream Interrupted

Adult Alternative
3 Files, 14 days ago
GIBassment GIBassment

The Gal Project 2 - BFF

5 Files, 3 days ago
Graj Graj, Rythm2Soul, JeanLui + 1 more


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
8 Files, 8 days ago
Owhit Owhit, bassman78fr

Spy Song - Soundtrack pop

3 Files, 1 day ago
GoofyFred3 GoofyFred3, rockq