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Collaborations that need Guitar

No Worries-Paimor

17 Files, 11 days ago
PaimorMusic PaimorMusic, Fretnoises, Owhit + 2 more

Stranger Than Fiction

1 File, 12 days ago
Robbadubbdubb Robbadubbdubb

Drum Groove 36

2 Files, 25 days ago
Nikoli Nikoli

Toad the Wet Sprocket Woodburning cover

Adult Alternative
No files uploaded yet
Grif Grif

Thelma & Louise

Doo Wop
27 Files, 2yr+3mo ago
RvdBird RvdBird, Thimo, redheart213 + 3 more

Bennu Song

Middle East
6 Files, 40 minutes ago
SantiagoLazuli SantiagoLazuli

Collaborations that need Bass

Thank you Thank you

Soft Rock
1 File, 3mo+14dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes, rockq, dsilver + 4 more

Crime Partners

Roots Rock
11 Files, 5 days ago
WRC WRC, billraydrums, Treid + 1 more

Guttersnipe (287) Looking for bass

9 Files, 6 days ago
Lift Lift, TDStudio, Deeptrope


Rock & Roll
2 Files, 5 days ago
HombresyReales HombresyReales

Where Does Love Go

Alternative Country
2 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame

Wont stop (just for now)

Hard Rock
12 Files, 3 days ago
GilbertNorum GilbertNorum, Wire-and-Wood

Collaborations that need Drums

Josh Flower - My Lighthouse

1 File, 18 days ago
Joshuabloem Joshuabloem

Toy Story

7 Files, 15 days ago
Lystn Lystn, BillyBosco, rockq

Nunca Me Dijiste

Reggaeton y Hip-Hop
3 Files, 13 days ago
roque roque

The Long Road

10 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame

Glimpse (Lyric Only)

Country Gospel
2 Files, 11 days ago
LooknGlass LooknGlass, MusicianEdge

School Of Hard Knocks

2 Files, 2 days ago
SimonW SimonW

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Haven (Lyrics in Files) (Pop)

1 File, 1mo+13dy ago
Raymond Raymond

Harvesting Fog

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
6 Files, 10 days ago
peterrand peterrand

Acoustic Jam (working title)

Acoustic Blues
3 Files, 11 days ago
Akismuusikko Akismuusikko, bassman78fr


8 Files, 5 days ago
dubrae dubrae

Past and Future

Contemporary Folk
27 Files, 4 days ago
Aces38 Aces38, Midipunk, Owhit + 5 more

Opinion Prisons

Soft Rock
1 File, 3mo+14dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes, rockq, dsilver + 4 more