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Collaborations that need Guitar

Mini hyy (working title)

3 Files, 3yr+8mo ago
Fretnoises Fretnoises, DrumTorque

Chase Me Down (working title)

Contemporary Blues
10 Files, 5 days ago
Fretnoises Fretnoises, bassman78fr, CRANKIT1 + 2 more

But when you play music...

Pop Latino
20 Files, 8 days ago
Treid Treid, RGBass, RoyalStar

Be In Every Moment (Lyrics)

Adult Alternative
3 Files, 2mo+16dy ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame

Another English Morning

8 Files, 3 days ago
peterrand peterrand


Adult Alternative
5 Files, 10 days ago
KikoJeot KikoJeot, ATLdrums

Collaborations that need Bass

Prayer in C Remake

1 File, 5 days ago
FLStudioNick FLStudioNick

In Transit

Indie Rock
7 Files, 14 hours ago
BrendanB BrendanB, Astronut, CRANKIT1

Coffee Corner

Crossover Jazz
1 File, 1mo+3dy ago
PaulM44 PaulM44

Turn My Way - New Wave

New Wave
3 Files, 8 days ago
GoofyFred3 GoofyFred3, Treid

Forges of Hell

Hard Rock
1 File, 8 days ago
vinnyvicci vinnyvicci

You Wouldn't Start Here (Simon Wright lyrics)

1 File, 3 days ago
SimonW SimonW

Collaborations that need Drums

My Heart Belongs To You

Contemporary Blues
5 Files, 6 days ago
Treid Treid, Jcabrita

Turn My Way - New Wave

New Wave
3 Files, 8 days ago
GoofyFred3 GoofyFred3, Treid

Walk Don't Run

14 Files, 3 days ago
BrendanB BrendanB, CRANKIT1, Misfortunedrum34 + 5 more

Breaking Down

Hard Rock
1 File, 4mo+2dy ago
Wyldeone Wyldeone

Chordify Me

Southern Rock
15 Files, 2 days ago
LazyFrank LazyFrank, fcommansjr, bassman78fr

The Long Road

8 Files, 1mo+25dy ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Maria Bodine

Southern Rock
8 Files, 2mo+14dy ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame

Om Mani Padme Hum mantra song idea

5 Files, 2mo+10dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes

Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

6 Files, 13 days ago
BrendanB BrendanB, DTSUK, BraddersBass + 1 more

Just a Little BIT longer

Adult Contemporary
1 File, 3mo+28dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes

1989 E minor loop

2 Files, 4 days ago
Afterdark Afterdark