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Collaborations that need Guitar

Crazy jam

4 Files, 17 days ago

Before Night Falls

Smooth Jazz
12 Files, 2 days ago
KikoJeot KikoJeot, ESTJdrummer, gabrojazz + 1 more

poor mans hans zimmer

Modern Composition
1 File, 18 days ago
SirEdgeingtonBlue SirEdgeingtonBlue

Rise and Set

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
10 Files, 2 days ago
peterrand peterrand, DavidMC

Calling Out My Name

Classic Rock
9 Files, 10mo+22dy ago
ironhide1975 ironhide1975, rockq


1 File, 1 day ago
bertrandlunasam bertrandlunasam

Collaborations that need Bass

Tin Man

Indie Rock
8 Files, 5 days ago
peterrand peterrand, MattCon

Breaking Down

Hard Rock
1 File, 2 months ago
Wyldeone Wyldeone

So Free

3 Files, 10 days ago
TheStonyCat TheStonyCat, DexLoga

Running Back

4 Files, 3mo+12dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes, slightfoot

Be In Every Moment (Lyrics)

Adult Alternative
3 Files, 15 days ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame


Indie Rock
20 Files, 5 hours ago
BrendanB BrendanB, Bigwagdog, mgarbi + 2 more

Collaborations that need Drums

Stones in the River

2 Files, 6 days ago
gloranger gloranger

Mona Lisa

Goth Rock
17 Files, 4 days ago
BrendanB BrendanB, bcstudios, JimBass01 + 2 more

Time After Time

1 File, 9 days ago
WillyDeals WillyDeals

Maria Bodine

Southern Rock
8 Files, 13 days ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame

Frantic Claus Is Coming To Town

Soft Rock
2 Files, 1 day ago
Deeptrope Deeptrope

Heart No More

6 Files, 1 day ago
RequiemStudio RequiemStudio

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Project 173

Soft Rock
25 Files, 2yr+8mo ago
JarekA JarekA, gabrojazz, FIGSOUNDS + 1 more


Goth Rock
15 Files, 3 days ago
BrendanB BrendanB, Bigwagdog, Nikoli


Adult Alternative
3 Files, 1 day ago
KikoJeot KikoJeot, Froz

Silence at Dawn

Electric Blues
17 Files, 2 days ago
BrendanB BrendanB, Marceys, AndreOnDrums + 6 more

Off to California - Medley

Contemporary Folk
2 Files, 8 days ago
Flodnal Flodnal

Out To Sea

9 Files, 3 hours ago
BrendanB BrendanB, RGBass, dwfreak