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Collaborations that need Guitar

Settle for Love - Europe Cover

15 Files, 6 days ago
Pailwood Pailwood, Chris1970, rockq + 2 more

Turn My Way - New Wave

New Wave
3 Files, 13 hours ago
GoofyFred3 GoofyFred3

Didn't the River Know? (Alex O'Brien Lyrics)

Contemporary Jazz
1 File, 1 day ago

Solitary Mind

3 Files, 8 days ago
easywriter easywriter, Owhit, rockq

Cut me some slack (Mr. Cupid)

Contemporary R&B
1 File, 2 hours ago
EllenDXY EllenDXY, GalHornstein

Collaborations that need Bass

Compassionate Gangster

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
8 Files, 2 days ago
JenCarie JenCarie, gabrojazz

No working title yet

1 File, 13 days ago
Rickie Rickie

Tunnel Vision

Acoustic Blues
2 Files, 4yr+10mo ago
sdaddyo sdaddyo

Stuck In Place

10 Files, 6 days ago
moehoward moehoward, ltillman, bassman78fr + 4 more

Autumn of My Life

2 Files, 1 hour ago
Bill58 Bill58

Not On Impact

13 Files, 1 hour ago
GalHornstein GalHornstein, Elle66, Hines57 + 7 more

Collaborations that need Drums

Racing to stand still

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 28 minutes ago
peterrand peterrand

My Heart Belongs To You

Contemporary Blues
2 Files, 8 hours ago
Treid Treid

Ghost Riders

Contemporary Folk
No files uploaded yet
sdaddyo sdaddyo

Turn Around

Soft Rock
11 Files, 5yr+2mo ago
Fretnoises Fretnoises, Ekthor

Life Away from Trees - Alt Rock

6 Files, 1 day ago
GoofyFred3 GoofyFred3

Grunge Stoner Doom style track

1 File, 5 days ago
TheDistortionPrinciple TheDistortionPrinciple

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Drinking, Cheating and Lying

Outlaw Country
25 Files, 2 days ago
Smdecat Smdecat, Beardedbluesguy, ATLdrums + 5 more

Chase Me Down (working title)

Contemporary Blues
7 Files, 3 days ago
Fretnoises Fretnoises, bassman78fr, CRANKIT1 + 1 more

Maria Bodine

Southern Rock
8 Files, 2mo+7dy ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame

Aktio Tunnel

7 Files, 8 days ago
rabox2702 rabox2702, cobankat, RGBass

Ease Up

4 Files, 5 days ago
BrendanB BrendanB, CRANKIT1

The Great Peace 10 of 13 with ProfJess

Soft Rock
6 Files, 1mo+13dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes, ProfessorJess