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Collaborations that need Guitar

Running Back

4 Files, 3mo+14dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes, slightfoot

Dress Rehearsal

3 Files, 18 hours ago
chpedretti chpedretti

Hiding Again

Smooth Jazz
8 Files, 1 day ago
Marceys Marceys

Big Bulky Glasses

15 Files, 1mo+2dy ago
ironhide1975 ironhide1975, rockq

Cup of Tea

8 Files, 5 hours ago
Marceys Marceys, JimBass01

Frantic Claus Is Coming To Town

Soft Rock
2 Files, 3 days ago
Deeptrope Deeptrope

Collaborations that need Bass


Indie Rock
28 Files, 1 day ago
BrendanB BrendanB, Bigwagdog, mgarbi + 2 more

Let's Create

3 Files, 1 day ago
boojeej boojeej, nevermore93

Running Back

4 Files, 3mo+14dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes, slightfoot

All In A Dream

Devotional & Spiritual
5 Files, 13 days ago
jubal jubal, alyo

Whisper to the moon

22 Files, 2 days ago
Mapleman Mapleman, joel_sattlersongs, Elle66 + 3 more


Contemporary Jazz
8 Files, 1 day ago
Dan69 Dan69

Collaborations that need Drums

Heavy Metal Factory (Simon Wright lyric)

No files uploaded yet
SimonW SimonW

Lucid Dreams

2 Files, 14 days ago
BrendanB BrendanB

The future

Classic Rock
13 Files, 5 days ago
fg1998 fg1998, Graiouf

Calling Out My Name

Classic Rock
9 Files, 10mo+24dy ago
ironhide1975 ironhide1975, rockq

Just Can't Stand Long Goodbyes

1 File, 13 days ago
WillyDeals WillyDeals

Breaking Down

Hard Rock
1 File, 2mo+4dy ago
Wyldeone Wyldeone

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Streams of unconsciousness

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
13 Files, 10 days ago
peterrand peterrand, OregonGuy, njd3

The Grind

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
5 Files, 8 hours ago
TNoel TNoel

whole lotta luv cover for fun

12 Files, 3 hours ago
MzAySes MzAySes, Midipunk, BlueTom + 1 more

Project 52

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
7 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
JarekA JarekA, bassman78fr, Leafdriving


9 Files, 10 days ago
JakeHenrion JakeHenrion, Graiouf

A Tribute to Pat

Hard Bop
14 Files, 4 days ago
Treid Treid, Marceys, RGBass