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Collaborations that need Guitar

D C 2

1 File, 12 days ago
Bigwagdog Bigwagdog

Twisted Up Inside

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
1 File, 2 days ago
Labodaz Labodaz

SPANISH GYPSY song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Latin Jazz
1 File, 5 days ago
joel_sattlersongs joel_sattlersongs

Some fun ...

1 File, 7 days ago
IndyGreen IndyGreen

Be the Change

Contemporary Blues
2 Files, 15 hours ago
PositiveFuturist PositiveFuturist

Smack me in the ass - new song reboot

6 Files, 2 days ago
asummerlin asummerlin, SirEdgeingtonBlue

Collaborations that need Bass

Nothing To Me. (Story Only, in dashboard)

No files uploaded yet
Jodeenshead Jodeenshead

Consider Christine SPIN OFF

New Age
47 Files, 2 days ago
dwfreak dwfreak

Staring at the Sun

3 Files, 1 day ago
TooNaked2Nick8 TooNaked2Nick8

Short Ride

1 File, 11 days ago
roberthhoffman roberthhoffman

Atmospheric Pressure

Classic Rock
6 Files, 2 hours ago
Labodaz Labodaz

Starry Night

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
1 File, 1 day ago
samuelbrien samuelbrien

Collaborations that need Drums


British Invasion
1 File, 14 hours ago
peterrand peterrand

I Need to Be in Love (Cover)

Easy Listening
2 Files, 17 days ago
BeefyTuna BeefyTuna


3 Files, 3 months ago
PositiveFuturist PositiveFuturist

Starry Night

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
1 File, 1 day ago
samuelbrien samuelbrien

Forever Yours (I May call it something else)

Soft Rock
8 Files, 11 days ago
Lawman Lawman

Ring Ring Ring

Delta Blues
10 Files, 3 hours ago
roberthhoffman roberthhoffman

Collaborations that need Keyboards

C No Funk

8 Files, 6 days ago
Fretnoises Fretnoises, MikeJM

First Timer

1 File, 6 days ago
nolabass nolabass

Riff Trax

11 Files, 4 days ago
davidw davidw, RGBass, ESTJdrummer

Direct Current

Rock & Roll
1 File, 4 days ago
moedecker moedecker

Song of Parting

Contemporary Folk
2 Files, 10 days ago
dazzos dazzos

So Glad You See

8 Files, 1mo+8dy ago
jubal jubal, alyo, PilotProject