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Collaborations that need Guitar

Slow Deep and Hard

Goth Rock
6 Files, 3 days ago
Treid Treid


Goth Rock
4 Files, 1mo+11dy ago
bertrandlunasam bertrandlunasam

Riverdale West Island

59 Files, 2 days ago
Mapleman Mapleman, MattCon, Wire-and-Wood + 2 more

Symphonic, melodic rock idea is looking for lyrics and vocal

13 Files, 15 hours ago
RockingVic RockingVic, Deeptrope, DTSUK


17 Files, 4 days ago
JustVera JustVera, JeanLui

Chakra 7= Trinity of Self

20 Files, 16 days ago
MzAySes MzAySes, AlfredoM, rockq + 3 more

Collaborations that need Bass

Best Day

20 Files, 1 hour ago
Graj Graj, RedSheep, JeanLui + 1 more

Somewhere in Your Soul (Lyrics)

1 File, 2 days ago
MikeJM MikeJM


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
5 Files, 3 days ago
Void Void

chakra 1= Elemental Ankh

21 Files, 4 days ago
MzAySes MzAySes, AlfredoM, rockq + 3 more

my guitar is my answer

Contemporary Blues
2 Files, 17 hours ago
wiig wiig

Sunshine Round the Corner

Smooth Jazz
6 Files, 10 hours ago
BrokenBString BrokenBString

Collaborations that need Drums

Piece Of Your Time (Lyrics)

Indie Rock
1 File, 3 years ago
Lyricman Lyricman

Mona Lisa is calling (working title)

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 1 hour ago
Mapleman Mapleman, stnbrgrbass, Midipunk


Adult Contemporary
12 Files, 9 days ago
MzAySes MzAySes, moehoward

Genie in a Bottle (Kompoz)

5 Files, 17 hours ago
RobinGeorge RobinGeorge, moehoward

Drop The Funk

9 Files, 16 hours ago
KikoJeot KikoJeot

Rock To The Bone (Lyrics)

5 Files, 7mo+21dy ago
Lyricman Lyricman, CGGuitarLessons

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Don't Disappear (Naked Acoustic Version)

Indie Rock
2 Files, 16 days ago
gibass gibass

Sun to Rise

Adult Contemporary
3 Files, 20 days ago
MzAySes MzAySes, Magnusxsvanfeldt

All of my life

8 Files, 15 days ago
cunninglinguist cunninglinguist, bassman78fr, rockq

OK I've Let Myself Go

4 Files, 11 days ago
maninmarmaris maninmarmaris, JimBass01

Let's have a Jam ?

6 Files, 17 hours ago
Chris1970 Chris1970, Owhit

Space Groove 2

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
1 File, 9 days ago
Graiouf Graiouf