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Collaborations that need Guitar

A girl in my hand (lyrics)

Indie Rock
No files uploaded yet
LiamB LiamB

Aila (working title)

7 Files, 1mo+19dy ago
Fretnoises Fretnoises, BrianHowell, bassman78fr


20 Files, 17 hours ago
gabrojazz gabrojazz, JeanLui, NicolaOffidani + 1 more

Love Is Near

New Age
17 Files, 21 hours ago
moehoward moehoward, crankit1CRANKIT1, pootnip + 3 more


1 File, 12 days ago
SumitYadav24 SumitYadav24

The Groove (working title)

26 Files, 6 days ago
Fretnoises Fretnoises, crankit1CRANKIT1, Jcabrita

Collaborations that need Bass

THE POWER OF RA THE SUN 1 of 13 with ProfessorJess

Soft Rock
29 Files, 3 days ago
MzAySes MzAySes, ProfessorJess, rockq + 1 more

Love a New Way

Teen Pop
1 File, 9 days ago
BlossomS BlossomS

Becuz We Can 3 of 13 with ProfJess

Soft Rock
14 Files, 16 days ago
MzAySes MzAySes, ProfessorJess, rockq + 1 more

My Old Friend Tuckey

3 Files, 5 days ago
davkoeh77 davkoeh77

Tomorrow ( working title) ( raw melody and bad guitar playing)

14 Files, 3 days ago
Ana2022 Ana2022, MartG, Deeptrope + 1 more

Different Ways (231) looking for Bass & WOA FB vocals

Adult Contemporary
5 Files, 6 days ago
Lift Lift, TDStudio, Deeptrope

Collaborations that need Drums

The First Cut

12 Files, 2mo+13dy ago
ironhide1975 ironhide1975, spookyoblomov, rockq

StoryTelling 12 of 13 with ProfJess

Soft Rock
10 Files, 1mo+9dy ago
MzAySes MzAySes, ProfessorJess, rockq + 1 more

Rock Country Or Soul

1 File, 6mo+29dy ago
Nameofthegame Nameofthegame

IDENTIFY song lyrics

7 Files, 12 days ago
joel_sattlersongs joel_sattlersongs, ltillman

Civil Soul

29 Files, 5 hours ago
Echo-Project-Studio Echo-Project-Studio, bassman78fr, BraddersBass + 8 more

Changes 2.0

30 Files, 15 days ago
MzAySes MzAySes, rockq, Chris1970 + 2 more

Collaborations that need Keyboards

The Difference

30 Files, 3 days ago
jstrano jstrano, MusicianEdge, bassman78fr + 3 more

EMSLAND (Only a working title )

4 Files, 1mo+11dy ago
LazyFrank LazyFrank

Honey in shadow

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
10 Files, 6 days ago
peterrand peterrand, njd3

Summer Promises (vocals needed)

Indie Rock
18 Files, 10 hours ago
Aces38 Aces38, liljoe6string, LetchaDrums + 3 more

A Memory in Two

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
2 Files, 19 days ago
Owhit Owhit, MikeJM

A girl in my hand (lyrics)

Indie Rock
No files uploaded yet
LiamB LiamB