Flying Towards Arnhem (Simon Wright lyric) Rock

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Creative Brief

B minor [ish] all through apart from : Eb [ish] sections at 1:39 - 1:45 3:15 - 3:21 4:57 - 5:04


This is a lyric that references a failed Allied (British & American) mission that happened in September 1944. The mission was called Market Garden, and was an audacious attempt to bring World War Two to an early end.

My lyric was inspired by hearing the story of World War Two RAF pilot Bill Eames who happens to be from my home town, Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. Here's an article that includes a clip of him being interviewed by kids at my old primary school, in which he talks about the role he played on D-Day.

I read separately that he was injured in the Market Garden mission over Arnhem. The lyric is not specifically about Bill Eames but about young men like him.


Flying towards Arnhem


F/X: Sounds of World War Two aeroplanes flying during a war-time mission


(Spoken – sound over aircraft radio)


Operation Market Garden is a go. Give them hell, guys!


(Verse 1 )


Flying towards Arnhem


Praying for the roll of the dice


Thinking about girlfriends


Who might one day become wives




Looks like carnage


Oh so brutal


I know we'll take fire,


Will need luck to stay alive


There's no room for error


When you're walking on the wire






Flying towards Arnhem


Walking on the wire


Flying towards Arnhem


Headed for enemy fire




(Verse 2)


Flying towards Arnhem


Guided by the sight of the flak


Hoping we'll have angels


And the wind at our back


It is carnage


It is brutal


Both squadrons taking fire,


I don't know if I’ll survive


There's no room for error


When you're walking on the wire




Smoke and blood and guts


Bomb blasts ringing in my ears,




Every second feels like years,


Blood on my fingers


When I touch them to my side,


Life losing altitude


Pull out of this deep dive


(Verse 3)


Flying back from Arnhem


Holding to the promise I made


Life dripping like soft tears


I wouldn't let her image fade


Life is carnage


It is brutal


I’m not a liar,


But love's worth holding onto


It'll give you courage


When you're walking on the wire


(Chorus - alternative)


Flying back from Arnhem


Teetering on the wire


Plummeting back from Arnhem


Her love kept me in the sky


And landed  me safe back in her arms




Written by Simon Wright


(April 2020)


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Genre Rock Key Bm /Ebm BPM 160.0

Collaboration started April 3, 2020 by SimonW
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