Flying Towards Arnhem (Simon Wright lyric) Rock

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offthewall   commented 4mo+13dy ago

If someone can put the times on the verse/chorus parts here I might take a look at it. I know there is a time stamp image up but it doesn't help much. Mins:secs at start of each section would do it.


RvdBird   commented 4mo+13dy ago

I just asked the same, Redfish just provided them! If you play the pilot, I can try and play the lady at home he dreams of, doing the backings in the choruses. Who knows! Verse I - 0:02:39 - 0:03:02 chorus - 0:03:03 [starts on Eb] Verse II - 0:03:30 bridge - 0:03:51 verse III - 0:04:22 chorus - 0:04:45 [starts on Eb] long outro.0:05:09

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offthewall   commented 4mo+13dy ago

Great stuff. Thanks. Will take a look at this in a while.

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offthewall   commented 4mo+13dy ago

OK. I've taken a look at this with a quick run-through and can't do it without lyrical changes. Too many words in the verses to fit the structure. My suggestion to make it work, but don't want to spoil the integrity of the narrative: Verses as they stand have 10 lines. Delete either line 8 or line 9 from each verse will do it. If not I will have to pass. Sorry.

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offthewall   commented 3mo+21dy ago

No response?

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SimonW   commented 3mo+21dy ago

Hi James, Sorry, I somehow missed these comments. From my perspective I'd be happy for you to try out the approach you've suggested Thanks Simon