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Boesendorfer Grand Piano (5.4MB mp3) Uploaded 2mo+25dy ago by Mapleman

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Mapleman   commented 2mo+25dy ago

decided to clean it up a little...Come in on the first beat right after the initial 4 cymbals


Druidus   commented 7 days ago

I decided not to use it all because it's a bit busy on the whole track, but I put your piano on the ending and I think it really lifts the track.


Mapleman   commented 7 days ago know, when I didn't hear back from you originally, I piano parts might be a bit busy and overpowering. it was my first collaboration on Kompoz. Obviously I got carried away somewhat. I could have easily have toned it down. Anyways, I don't know whats' expected unless you communicate with me. Its your song. Glad you incorporated that last section. Sounds great. I really like this composition. Thank you for allowing me to contribute. Stay safe