The Greater Scheme of Things Alternative Folk

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BKWilliamson   commented 15 days ago

Here's the latest version. Looking forward to see/hear your ideas !! Thanks, BK

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Owhit   commented 14 days ago

Hey Bryan, The original music had no place for chorus, so I reworked at as a REM style tune. I will probably shift over this collab to this one if you agree. I could have added another verse, but it was getting too long. Suggest any edits or replacements

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BKWilliamson   commented 14 days ago

Yes, I kind of felt there was no change up for a chorus so I basically worded the "chorus" part with the same rhyme scheme as the verses. But sure, go ahead and do what you feel is right. I'm always up for change if it sounds good, LOL. Thanks so much !!