The One who got away (collab5) Singer/Songwriter

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Help Wanted

Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- EllenDXY
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Creative Brief


Cool Bass played by Nadir

Sweet Keys played by DrAndreas

Super awesome Vocals from Birdy (Renske)

Fantastic Drum idea from Midipunk


Only needs some real Guitars...I will upload a BT after drums. 



Help me with this Pop/Rock Ballad! No title yet.

First of all, I'm looking for lyrics. I have a vocal melody in mind, that is now recorded with the keys to give an impression. It sounds a bit stupid - I know, but I hope you can hear past that, I have recently added the first verse to give a direction. See the demo mix "Vocal Melody"

So if you are a lyricist/ vocalist maybe we can collaborate? The song is sad and as it progresses, it turns a bit angry. Yeah drama!

I hope you can help me, but please make sure that the number and length (and stretches) of the sentences fit the structure and vocal melody a bit. The song structure is below this brief.

Drums and most of the guitars are now VSTi and I really would like it a lot if these tracks can be replaced by real players. It doesn't have to be exactly the same. I'm open for any ideas.

And somebody can also replace the guitar track I played, because I'm not very good. 

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for listening!


Kind regards,



Tempo: 100 BMP

Key: Ebm



Chord progression:

(maybe some 7s here and there)


Part A 

|Ebm |Bbm |Abm |Bbm |


Part B

|Abm |Bbm |Ebm |Ebm |


Part C 

|Db(maj7)|Ebm |Db(maj7)|Ebm |

|Abm     | Bbm  |Ebm     |Ebm |


Part D 

|Bbm |Abm |Ebm |Ebm |


Part E

|Bbm |Abm |Bbm |Abm |

|Bbm |Abm |Ebm |Ebm |



Song structure:


Click 2 bars

Intro 4 bars - A

Verse1 8 bars - A

           4 bars - B

Verse2 8 bars - A

           8 bars - B

Chorus1 8 bars - C

Verse3 8 bars - A

           8 bars - B

Chorus2 16 bars- C

Bridge 8 bars - D

           8 bars - E

Verse4 8 bars - A

           8 bars - B

Chorus3 16 bars- C

Outro 8+ bars- B


Photo: Elina Krima (Pexels)


Additional Information

Genre Singer/Songwriter Key Ebm BPM 100.0

Collaboration started April 13, 2020 by EllenDXY
Last upload 3mo+20dy ago

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Copyright © 2020 by EllenDXY, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Apr 13, 2020

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EllenDXY has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Based on a split sheet
Sound Recording: Based on a split sheet
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EllenDXY Ellen Kussy
Arnhem Gelderland Netherlands
DrAndreas Andreas Millns
London London United Kingdom
Nadir Luis Galvez
Mexico City Mexico
RvdBird Renske van den Berg
Arnhem Netherlands
Midipunk Pete Midipunk
Northern Kentucky USA