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Doc guitar dea w synctone Uploaded 10mo+18dy ago by DocDaFunk

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DocDaFunk   commented 10mo+18dy ago

Here's my full idea , tell me what u think Notice that i have added 4 clicks at the start of your track for syncing purposes as daws insert few milliseconds at the start of the exported track those clicks once zoomed on allow u to perfectly sync all the additions u will get for ur track Edit: Please read ''Doc guitar *idea with synctone''


DrAndreas   commented 10mo+12dy ago

Hey bro nice one for this. Sounds great loving the vibe


DocDaFunk   commented 10mo+12dy ago

Glad u like it dear colleague I'm gonna upload the ''seps'' aka the seperate track please accept my mix (under the manage button) so i will be officially part of this awesome project of yours