Fish Ain't Bitin' (Lyrics) Classic Blues

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Fish ain t Bitin w/lyrics 4/20/2020 Uploaded 9mo+3dy ago by pcondra

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pcondra   commented 9mo+3dy ago

Hey xvpusw I just came across this site yesterday. When I heard this track I wanted to "try out the process". Great groove and playing! I'm not real sure on the lyrical vocal inflection so I listened to the example.


xvpusw   commented 9mo+2dy ago

Nice job Patrick! Welcome to kompoz. Looks like you have a good jump on the process and jumping right into a project you like is definitely the way to go. Vocalists are in high demand around here so you'll be as busy as you want to be. Not everything you do will be excepted of course but keep plugging away and you'll make some friends pretty quick. As far as this project, Richard Williams donated the great music track and Ricky did the original vocal. All I do is lyrics. The funny thing is I originally intended it to be a slow acoustic blues thing. Which goes to show you never really know what you'll get. If you like, I can do what's called a "spin off" project with your vocal. You'll need to upload your isolated vocal track for mixing purposes. Thanks and welcome! Tracy