Iso4-2longonlylogical Mash upS Drinking Songs

  Spin-off   Spun by BergR



Iso4 2longonlylogicalV3mashup Uploaded 10 days ago by BergR

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BergR   commented 3mo+5dy ago

Ugh- let the music take control- sometimes it coffee scroll- some times it's.....? Not sure if isolation has made it a little to crazy?

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KimNobleMusic   commented 3mo+5dy ago

haahaha, Nice Ryan!! Hope some peeps will come along and add... t'would be fun as a jam-alama-ding-dong!!! Thanks so much for this Ryan!! I'll keep tabs on it and if peeps add anything and the vocals need to be redone at that point, can certainly do that!!! :) Stay safe and well!!!

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BergR   commented 3mo+5dy ago

No wuckers. I've never tried blending vox, bit of a new challenge. Ya, pretty empty with out other instruments. It needed something? The synthy lead is actually a crash cymbal through some plugins, I toned it down on other version to leave some room

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BergR   commented 3mo+2dy ago

oh hey, I have no way of sending you a msg? ah- can you load up Wav's of vocals? or full size- I might have a mate who is gonna do some remixing. Ta

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KimNobleMusic   commented 3mo+2dy ago

Hi Ryan, yeah, sorry about that!! Let me know if you need a PM line opened... hahaha, I really just have so little discipline and am SUPER DUPER BAD about getting back to peeps in terms of replying so it ends up being easier for me to do everything within the project. wav. seps are being uploaded now... :) Howdy to your mate!! Looking forward to everything!! :) Ta ta back!!

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BergR   commented 3 months ago

Haha confidence inspiring words. Thanks.