Looking In Folk-Rock

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Looking In - Mix Attempt Uploaded 9mo+3dy ago by kruzty

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kruzty   commented 9mo+5dy ago

I gave a shot at a mix, too! :) Mostly played with some panning and some vox / guitar effects.


moehoward   commented 9mo+5dy ago

Nice mix kruzty, and very nice guitar work, really like the sound, you got some chops for sure.

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peterrand   commented 9mo+5dy ago

Andy - thanks very much! - Nice !

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KimNobleMusic   commented 9mo+4dy ago

WOW!! Andy, I'm super impressed!! THANK YOU!!! My vocals here sounds PERFECT!!! EXACTLY how I meant to sing this beautiful song so thank you!!! I wish I could comment on everything else (instruments) more intelligibly but I definitely DO NOT have the ear for mixing and so unless the instruments backing sound OBVIOUSLY off, then I stay away from commenting and can only comment on how I feel the lead and backup vocals sound to me and here... they sound PERFECT!!! I'm in love with this mix!!! Thank so much!!! And thanks to this beautiful band for making such a lovely project!!! hahaha, divas!! :) PS, I'll plan on staying tuned here and if there's nothing else added toward the end of the project, I can fill in if you guys deem it necessary!! Thanks so much!!!

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peterrand   commented 9mo+4dy ago

Kim - I've featured this one for you. Andy - could you do one with Philippe's bass in there? Is that possible?

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kruzty   commented 9mo+4dy ago

Hi Peter - actually, Philippe's bass is already in there. It's the main bass track (I put the synth bass really low in the mix just to fill the bottom end a bit). Also, if you would prefer this in wav format, I'm happy to upgrade. And thanks for the kind words, Kim!

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peterrand   commented 9mo+4dy ago

Fair Enough Andy - thanks! You could send the wav file via google drive or similar if you want also..

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kruzty   commented 9mo+3dy ago

I just upgraded and added a wav file as version 2 (exact same mix).

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KimNobleMusic   commented 9mo+3dy ago

Hi All, hahaha, me and my typing!! I hope I didn't step on any toes here... I thoroughly enjoyed Peter's and Moe's mixes as well. Unforutunately, I only can comment on how I hear the vocals in a mix so everything else I trust is left up to ... well, the REAL skill of the group!!! Hugs, Band and thanks!!!